Best. Sandals. EVER.

Sorry for the blog being down Friday, I hope the changes I made will make it faster while I switch to a new host in the coming weeks.  As such, we’ll interrupt regularly scheduled design broadcasting to focus on fashion again (and be sure to go back and ready the Fashion Friday post that was “up” Friday).

Anywhoo, I love summer shoes, even though I have a crazy long middle toe that I don’t love showing off.  Sandals ARE my jam and so when I find good ones I love sharing.  Last week I bought the pair of Ancient Greek sandals I featured in a post a few weeks ago.  Simple and chic I figured they would match everything and my well loved and worn gold flat sandals (Target, $19.99) had seen better days.  A sandal upgrade, if you will.


I have NEVER had a pair of new leather sandals that I could wear two days in a row, walking for hours, and not have a blister, sore spot… ANYTHING. Ridiculously comfy! Typically with new shoes you start out your inaugural wear all sassy and “I’m so hot in my new shoes” only to be begging strangers for a piggy back home while limping like Quasimodo down the sidewalk hours later.  I’ve even pulled a Britney and walked home barefoot before.  There is NOTHING less sexy than watching a girl walk in painful shoes.  So I had to tell you about these, which are designed by a former Balenciaga and LV footwear designer Christina Martini and made by hand in Greece.

And their buckles are little wings. It really does not get any better.


Not to mention in the newest Bazaar I saw them featured like, 10 times! Editors love them too. There are a few places to get them: Shopbop, Matches and their own website, but here are some of my faves. I’ll take them ALL, please:


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9.


  1. Madewell also makes a great gladiator sandal that I am loving for summer. Thanks for finding these great options, I love #3 and #5.

  2. You’re awesome! You didn’t ask, but I’ll share! :) I can’t afford those, but salt water sandals from the Hoy Shoe Company are meant to mimic barefoot walking, and they do. They are just not as pretty as the cute ones you feature, but the bottoms are insanely, and surprisingly, soft – which one commenter asked about. Thank you for your hard and great work!

  3. Ohhh. These are gorgeous and it’s really wonderful hearing how comfy they are since that often makes me shy away from online shoe shopping. I obviously ‘need’ these as I have no new sandals in my closet for this summer. Yet. Just wondering if you’re a half-size and if so, did you go up or down? Thanks! :)

  4. You’ve sold me on the Ancient Greek Sandals. The little wing buckle might have done it :) I am in dire need of cute (but wearable) sandals and am happy to hear that they felt great straight out of the box!!!

  5. these are adorable! I am considering the same ones you got, Erin :) I am also curious if you are a half size? Did you size up or down. I just bought the Stuart Weitzman Gladiator sandals in tan (the ones that go to the ankle, not up the calf) and they are the most comfortable sandal I have over worn & they go with everything – even skinny jeans (I cuff them under or up to show the shoe). Sort of fits like a covered shoe, m/b that’s why they are so comfortable? But, I seriously could wear them everyday, that’s why I am looking to get another pair of tan sandals. Yours with the gold wing buckle (can you say Hermes?) are beyond cute & the gold leather (insert happy dance emoji here). Thanks for sharing Erin! And if you have time, can you let me know the size up/size down. Oh, and more more thing – a big shout out to how GORGEOUS you looked in your instragram photo over the weekend. Classic beauty! xo

  6. I grabbed a similar-looking pair to the first ones at Target… for like 16 bucks hahaha. Quality is far below those of course, but they’re super cute and comfy for their price!

  7. If you are ever in NYC, or at the Short Hills Mall, you may enjoy a litte gem called Carlo Pazolini. Trendy, Comfortable, Reasonably priced and made in Italy. Need I say MORE? Check us out at

  8. Why aren’t all sandals GOLD sandals?! This are divine. By the way, watching Real Housewives of Orange County (it’s a guilty pleasure so don’t judge!) and they have a new housewife named Lydia and she totally could be your sister!! Don’t they say everyone has a twin? Well, yours is on Bravo!

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