InspirationApril 25, 2013

The Gwyneth Haterade

Let’s talk about something that has been bothering me for a couple weeks- this whole hating on Gwyneth Paltrow thing that seems to be rampant.  When I heard she was voted the “Most Hated” celebrity last week I have to admit I was floored.  Not as a Gwyneth fan, but as a WOMAN. Chris Brown,  who I think is one of the most despicable celebrities (and people) around, was number 20. 20!!!! And a gorgeous, talented mother is number 1?  What the hell is wrong here?

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 7.33.29 AM

Kim Kardashian (famous for a sex tape), Kristen  Stewart (married guy thing) and Lindsay Lohan (duh) I can find reason for some public dislike based on their publicized behavior, but Gwyneth?  Sure, there’s a lot of reason to be jealous of her: married to Chris Martin (and he wrote “Fix You” for her…ahhhh), gorgeous, beautiful homes, great career, a closet you’d do despicable things to have….but hate? No, I don’t think so. Unless Gwyneth has personally wronged you, like ran over your dog or something, then hate is not an appropriate word.  And when she landed on the People cover as “Most Beautiful” (which is a ridiculous issue as no one person is “the most”) seeing comments like “she’s not even pretty” “she’s not beautiful she’s cute” made go “Ummm, seriously? Look at her!”…


I’ve seen plenty of “quotes” from her that the media and others have pulled out of context to make her sound like a snob and her new cookbook get knocked around (it’s not the best, her first one IS however, great) but you know what, we all say stupid stuff and things that when repeated aren’t the most humble sounding.  And Gwyneth’s life IS pretty freaking awesome, so no, her reality is not always relatable!  I find it MORE annoying when rich, gorgeous famous people lament how they are “just normal” and “eat like a trucker and hate working out” when their six pack abs are visible through their dresses.  UGH.  True, her GOOP newsletter has the worst name and sometimes recommends CRAZY expensive stuff, but it’s fun to read and no different then most fashion magazines (and blogs!) out there.  And plenty of famous women have built an empire based on THEMSELVES- Rachel Ray, Jennifer Lopez the friggin’ Kardashians and aren’t as criticized for it as being “self-centered”!  I find it interesting that she didn’t rest on her acting laurels and kept developing sides of her persona and personality that she was truly passionate about! As someone who is trying to build a brand on herself, I look up to her, not reject her out of jealousy.


And let’s not forget her hysterical performance on Glee, or her iconic turn as Margot Tenenbaum or her small but great film Sliding Doors and her recent honesty about marriage (even to Chris Martin) as being crazy hard and sometimes shitty.  There’s a whole lot of good there and very little I see as being worthy of so much public slamming.  I think it highlights a problem that pervades society today, which is women being cruel to other women out of sheer jealousy, misunderstanding or judgement. Can we stop that?  As someone who spent formative years in an all female environment I know we are capable of being kind, encouraging and inclusive to each other.  This whole “mean girl” thing is so disheartening, no? I hate how much negativity is spewed between women.  I know for sure, if I had a daughter I’d rather she look up to Gwyneth then 90% of celebrities out there. She’s stayed out of rehab, isn’t photographed missing her underwear and has stayed out of gossipy, drama filled headlines.


C’mon, the girl has GREAT taste, for sure:


And looks cool even when at the airport…


And does glam really, really freakin’ well…


But still shows up for book signings with no makeup fresh off the beach….


What do you guys think? Am I just being a Gwynnie worshipper?

Eh, whatever…go on with your bad self, GOOP.  I got yo’ back.

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