Grown Up Blush

I have a hearty dose of pink going on in my new house.  Somehow I managed to sneak these pink decisions by Andrew.  Or else he his appeasing me while saving up for one big ridiculous request I won’t be able to deny- like putting a ping pong table in the living room). But I have kept the pink very subtle- not sweet or saccharine.  The guest bedroom walls are a light, lovely pink (Benjamin Moore Blanched Coral) accented with dark emerald green and the master, as you saw) is underway with a pink accent pillow.  The secret is to temper the pink with lots of neutrals or make a BIGGER statement than pink with something else (like black, navy, a crazy print…)  Some great examples of using pink in an adult way below:

This is a lot of pink, but the shades have a heavy dose of warm neutral to them so they don’t read “baby girl on the way!!” but more earthy and sophisticated. The modern chrome bed adds an edge too…


Super subtle pink walls almost disappear….


ADORE these coral pink drapes on light pink walls- somehow though, it doesn’t feel super girly.  My guess is the bold print chairs, rug and lamp…


A light pink dining bench looks almost neutral in this setting…


SUPER pale pink is so calming in bedrooms…


Just a hint of pink in the drapes, balanced with a smidge of bolder pink on pillows. LOVING that brass hardware too (gold and pink are heaven together)


QUITE the headboard…


Adding just a small piece in pink, like this modern chair, sets of subtler hints of pink in artwork….


Pink and natural linen and raffia are a great pairing…


Some ways to add pink- subtle or bold but always mature:


1. ABC Home light 2. Zoe Pawlak painting 3. BM Blanched Coral (tip: when picking a light pink paint always pick a chip WAY lighter than you think you want- it will come out MUCH darker on the wall!) 4. West Elm pillow 5. West Elm pillows 6. Dune & Duchess candelabra 7. ABC Home pillows 8. Canvas mug and dish 9. Horchow chandelier 10. Overdye pink rug (NEED this for my bedroom SO BAD).


  1. My office is light pink and I love working in there everyday! I was working on a bedroom a while back, and used white with a slight hint of light pink in a flat finish on the ceilings and it really warmed up the room.

  2. Oddly enough, as I’ve grown older I’ve learned to like pink more. As a young girl I really dislike the color; it felt too Barbie for me. Lately, pink has seemed more sophisticated than saccharine. I really love the second and third photographs.

  3. Erin I love these variations of Pink!
    Every room has the perfect hue whether on the walls, accessories, the ghost chairs…and more!

    PS Speaking of your Paris Post below.
    I am having a Paris Book Giveaway!
    Art by Karena

  4. blush is my favorite color, so naturally i love all of these rooms you chose! that pink chandelier needs to make its home in my apartment ASAP.

  5. I know natural light and photography can play tricks but I’ve had such a hard time finding the perfect pale pink shade – not too much yellow and not too much blue. do yo have any suggestions for the paint in the bedroom with the shaggy cubes? thanks!

  6. YES! Brilliant tip on the light pink wall paint too, learned that the hard way. I’m a neutral girl at heart, love everyone else’s pops of colors but have never felt the need for hermes orange or kelly green in my home, with the exception of pink. It’s a color that simply makes me HAPPY and I love how it can be so modern and fresh, not necessarily feminine.

  7. I love the combination of pink and grey – relaxing and chic. Thanks for sharing these photographs – great inspiration for using pink!

  8. Pink – especially a more coral, salmon, dusty pink – is my absolute favorite color, but too much of it and/or the wrong color definitely screams “my five year old’s princess palace!” (not there’s anything wrong with THAT of course, I’d love myself a princess palace)… I love these images you showed – really shows a subtler, more adult version of pink that’s usable! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love this post! I wanted pink for my daighter’s room but have been struggling to get it right. so many answers here! thank you!

  10. I love the rug in the third picture (I think from Domino Mag). Do you happen to know who makes it? I have a pale pink/gold living room that needs a rug.


  11. Inspired by the picture of Betsey Johnson’s dining room that was floating around the interwebs quite awhile back, I painted my dressing room pink. Like bubblegum, Barbie pink. I tried to up the sophistication factor a bit by adding graphic elements, but it’s undeniably Pepto. And I kind of love it (for now, at least). Added bonus: pink is so flattering to skin tones. Putting my makeup on in there, I feel absolutely fabulous. Then I just avoid mirrors for the rest of the day so as to not shatter the illusion.

  12. Right before we moved into our first home my husband and I spent a weekend at the Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa and our room was a peachy pink. I was shocked when he declared that we have to paint a room in the house this color or something like it. So we painted the guest room Ballet Slipper Pink by Martha Stewart and paired it with gold accents. We’ve repainted several other rooms but this one is staying pink for the long haul.

  13. I love this! There are so many ways to add pink in a non-nursery way. I recently added pink accents to my Dining Room and am so happy with how it turned out (and, I too wonder how I ever snuck that one by my husband…).

  14. could not agree more accept with the part about the new cookbook – although i havent tried any recipes yet, it think it’s pretty good…=)

  15. I am loving pink rooms right now, but convincing your husband to love them is another story! I might try to sneak some pink curtains into our living room while he is at work. And, FYI, if you are thinking of doing curtains, Ikea has great pink linen curtains that are amazingly well priced.

  16. I love pink (to the extent that I have several pink posts on my blog). My friend alerted me to this post and it’s my instant favorite. Thanks for the wonderful decor ideas.

  17. Wow – this really IS blush grown up. So pretty and sophisticated. I love the room with just a hint of pink on the walls and drapes. And those fur stools – LOVE them. So current and stylish.

  18. I have been trying to find the right shade of pink to paint my bedrood. The color in the 5th image(“SUPER pale pink is so calming in bedrooms…”) is perfect! Do you happen to know what color it is?

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