It’s always no great when a new site comes on the scene to inspire all of us, right?  So far the new interiors site from the girls behind WhoWhatWear called Domaine looks AWESOME. I love the layout and the content…. do I dare say Domino-esque meets Coveteur?

I am in LOOOOOVE with Katie Nehra’s apartment. Like, if I lived alone my place would probably look like this.






The flamingo heads aren’t quite my jam, but those pink walls are so fun!


Also crazy in love with the Citizen’s of Humanity showroom- looks just like a house!



Turquoise floors??? Makes me want to paint the concrete floor in my studio!!!!



Love those barstools. Love. Also proof that the English roll arm sofa is the most classic shape to blend with ANY style interior.


Such a great vignette.




5 Responses to “Domaine”

  1. Amber says:

    Those flamingo heads would keep me from eating in there but otherwise awesome! Those pink walls remind me of a Brooklyn townhouse from House Beautiful a year or so ago. It was a total girl space too.

  2. Chris says:

    I want my husband to build/make those cloths racks for me! They are so industrial; wouldn’t tip over if I overload them or while I’m wheeling them around.

  3. That pink room with the flamingos is crazy! I really like the photos you shared though, definitely going to need to check out the Domaine site

  4. Thought that home was gorgeous, too! The flamingos kind of make me queasy. What did you think of Lea Michele’s home?

  5. wow, the COH studio is absolutely fabulous!
    can’t wait to dive into this site over a cup of tea.