Artist Crush: Teil Duncan

I woke up this morning feeling uninspired. Some days it’s just HARD to come up with things to blog about. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to do as much web reconnaissance as I normally do. So I was feeling a little stressed about today’s post. Then I opened my e-mail and saw an message from this artist, Teil Duncan from Charleston, SC and LOVED her work! Right when you need it, sometimes inspiration finds you. :)
Her small paintings are on birch panels and are so affordable! I love, LOVE the color combinations, the bold strokes and the feeling of each of them! So fantastic.









  1. I really love these pieces. I love the similar theme with slightly different variations in color, light, and shadow. Art makes me happy so I am looking to incorporate more original artwork into my home. Thanks for sharing your sources for affordable original art – it is not easy to find sometimes! Thanks for working so hard at this blog; you have inspired me in so many ways. Please keep it up!

  2. beautiful nudes that you could hang just about anywhere – especially in a bedroom. it’s nude but not over the top, it still gives you a sense of peeking in on someone but not in an inappropriate way. love the colors.

  3. These are awesome!! Very Bonnard-esque with the bold colors- live the modern twist on classic fauvist style- what a great find!!

  4. Interesting, she used to be one of our tenants here in Charleston. I did not realize she did nudes. Great artwork!

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