Another Day.

The sun is out and birds are chirping, and somehow that seems both viciously wrong and softly inspiring at the same time. I find myself unable to pull myself away from the news, I was up late into the night watching the same images circulate over and over.  I know that life must goes on, but to me, it still doesn’t feel right to go back to normal posts today.  My heart just wouldn’t be in it, and I don’t feel like faking it- not only for myself, but for you too.  We are friends.  Friends who chat everyday (I guess that makes me quite the blabbermouth pal), and the fact that so many of you reached out to me from all parts of the world in concern on Monday really did warm my heart.  It’s amazing that complete strangers felt worried about someone they never have even met.

In Boston the outpouring of love and support is amazing.  A friend posted on Facebook that when he went into one of my favorite coffee shops in the South End he was told someone had paid for everyone’s coffee yesterday.  Isn’t that just lovely?  It’s just one example of the acts of kindness spreading through the city in the wake of this horrible act. It made me think, as I was wide away at 2 a.m., that what this evil, cowardly person did had the OPPOSITE effect they were after.

It did not destroy us, it made us stronger.

It did not breed hate, it birthed MORE love.

We did not run away, we ran towards.

We were not shattered, we were united.

People are not evil, they are good.

It’s very easy to feel helpless right now, and I want to use this small platform of mine to do something but am not sure what.  So for now I’ll just share the information for the One Fund Boston, set up by our governor and mayor to assist victims with medical expenses and other needs.  And if you were there at the race, PLEASE send any pictures you have of the area near the blast to the FBI 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324)


I know that there are scads of people looking for whoever did this today.  And while they cower and hide, I hope they realize that they failed miserably.  And I hope that when they catch them, and they will, their destination is Suffolk County Jail. Because Boston takes care of it’s own.

Stephen Colbert knows this…. and put it perfectly.

** UPDATE: The Rue La La offices are a block from my studio and I couldn’t be prouder of their response to this. Including these awesome shirts with proceeds going to the Emergency Medical Fund at Mass General. I bought one for me and one for Andrew.  If you love Boston as much as we do, buy one for yourself too.

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  1. When the bombs went off in London it took a while to get back to ‘normal’. It felt strange going about doing the day-to-day things, but people were kinder and there was a feeling of seizing the day more and not taking things for granted. I didn’t comment yesterday but read your post, the people of Boston will get through this, just like we did in London.


  2. Very well spoken (written) as always! I’ll carry these thoughts with me as a mantra today and tomorrow and however long it takes for anxiety to pass.

  3. Erin- thanks so much for sharing Stephen’s humour. Even in the darkest moments one cannot loose ones humour. And he’s right. Whoever did this screwed with the wrong people. And they will be found. Still sending lots of love from Canada. Keep your chin up.

  4. Thank you for sharing Erin. My little 11 year old was near the finish line with a friend’s family on Monday and I am so thankful she got home safely. I feel blessed that she is okay — the stories that continue to come out on people that have lost their limbs is devastating. Amongst all the tragedy it is very comforting and important to focus on the good in people. The city will survive and come out stronger, and whomever is responsible will be found!

  5. I think it is more than appropriate not to go back to a normal post today Erin. I couldn’t help but think of the victims yesterday when I went on my jog here in NYC, and also can’t turn off the news.

    Very well said. I do believe that these tragic incidents of hate do the opposite that the hater intended: unite our communities, our country, and us as humans. Wakes us up a bit, and helps us remember to be kind to one another (like the man who bought the coffee). Thanks for this post and for the info about the One Fund.

  6. Sending love and prayers from Connecticut to the victims and their families, to you, and to all Bostonians.

  7. Beautifully put, Erin! Although I left Boston to return to CT a year ago, it will always have a special place in my heart! I find that focusing on the outpouring positive gestures and unity in the city is what is helping me cope. Now, on a much lighter note, have you seen this cute tee on Rue? I just scooped one up and will wear it proud once it arrives!

  8. Thank you from Newton. It’s so hard to see the blog world move forward with kitchen renos and spring sandals. I just need another day before my heart can start to heal.

  9. I completely agree. Its hard to find myself working back to a routine. I can’t even READ blogs about Spring fashion and home decor right now let alone write about it. Its refreshing to come here and know i’m not alone. We will get through this though!

  10. I also moved to Boston about a decade ago and have had a growing sense of connectedness and community with New Englanders and the city of Boston. I also knew a lot of people who were at the Marathon on Monday – fortunately, they were all unharmed. I have felt a range of emotions since Monday’s horrific events – confusion, shock, sadness, fear, and anger. Thanks for sharing your thoughts over the past two days and eloquently stating what many of us are feeling. I also appreciate the positivity in your posts, especially your confidence that good will prevail over evil and that we find out who is responsible. Unfortunately, I think the Steve Colbert clip got blocked; I wasn’t able to view it.

  11. Erin, thanks for the post. I was at the 25th mile marker in Kenmore watching the runners, after the Sox game. Love Boston! Sending prayers of love and healing to everyone.

  12. Update – I was able to view the Steve Colbert clip; it must have been my computer. Great clip – thanks for sharing it!

  13. I did a lot of growing up in Boston. I love it and right or wrong, this tragedy shock me more than others just because it was a place that I consider one of my homes and that I am so. flippin’. proud of. LOVE what Colbert said. It’s true. I lived through 9/11 in Boston. These people are strong, loving, and positive. xo

  14. Changed my name for today to Anonymous to let you know what we did: Bought ten $10 gift cards from Dunkys and handed them out to the first 10 Boston Police Officers we saw this morning to thank them for their hard work – most of them were stunned. It was amazing. Let’s all do something nice for someone else today.

  15. I’ve been getting very emotional in random spurts throughout the past two days – from seeing the destruction and carnage that no one no where will EVER deserve – but even more so from all of the stories of kindness and goodwill, of people coming together to help one another, and to spread love. I am not from Boston, though I do have friends from Boston and fell very much in love with the city when I visited – this city has inspired me with their strength & resilience & purity. I love Boston, I love America, and most of all, I love the people that make up our wonderful nation.

  16. i bought one of thoese t-shirts yesterday as well. i still can’t believe that this happened in our safe city, and i can’t quite find the right words to express how i feel. i am so thankful for the first responders, BPD, BFD and all of the nurses, doctors and staff at the local hospitals. because of them, i’m proud to be a bostonian.

  17. thanks for ruelala link. just bought mine :)

    so proud of the city i once called home and the brave people that live there. hang in there, erin.

  18. Thanks Erin for another great post to bolster our strength! I hadn’t seen Colbert’s response and it was good to laugh a little. Hearing the doctors speak of their patients’ bravery seems another sign of proof of the amazing spirit of the marathon runners and their families. I’ve always scratched my head wondering what would compel people to torture themselves for 26 miles and now I’m more in awe of their strength, physically and emotionally.

    P.S. I wouldn’t ever consider you a blabbermouth! I love to hear about your life and your thoughts! You always come across as funny, smart, honest and kind… exactly what I look for in a friend.

  19. Thanks for not moving on yet with your posts yet, Erin. I keep wondering if I’m the only one in a fog right now, obsessed with the news, feeling totally exhausted by the end of the day from just thinking about it day long. I’m glad I’m not the only one who still feels wrecked. My brother was at the finish line and his wife was running, and I was in a total panic until I heard they were OK. Thank you for your very thoughtful and sensitive post.

  20. Thank you Erin. Words from fellow Bostonians are infinitely comforting these last few days.

    Just last weekend my lifelong group of friends and I were driving into the Seaport, looking over at the city (that lovely left side view of the Charles after you pay the Allston tolls). It started with a simple “God, I love this city…” and then rolled into small talk about getting older, moving out of the suburbs, and collectively buying condos close enough to enjoy the city together. Eight Watertown girls– friends since 13, now 43.

    Monday and Tuesday just about did me in. Today however, April vacation had to resume and go as planned. I packed my 2 youngest kids into the car and headed to our cottage in Maine- a little bit of life back to normal; Tacos at El Rayo, bed making, Target run. An unintentional news fast. But still the events bubbled under the surface. I was quickly brought back in when my normally stoic husband called me and could not put a sentence together because he was watching the Bruins fans belt out the National Anthem (aka a collective “FU” to the coward/s that did this).

    It will take time, but we certainly are strong. Boston strong.

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  22. Erin-
    I read your post from yesterday over and over. So thoughtfully eloquent. But also determined. Just like our Boston. We are all so sad right now, but we will bounce back stronger!

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