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I cannot imagine a life without dogs.  Having grown up with only cats, my love for dogs came much later in life than most.  My parents finally succumbed to our pleading for a dog when I was a junior in college, when my mom could not stop thinking about this poor, sweet dog she saw in a pet store. Convinced Y2K was going to end the world, she wanted this poor dog to know love before the world was obliterated due to too many zeros.  So we got Tucker, who turns out was a Schnoodle, and he taught me that dogs are THE BEST.  No seriously, is there anything better than the unconditional love of a dog?  He’s now old, half blind and deaf but he still is beside himself excited when I come to visit.  And now I have my own two rascals whom I am obsessed with, and I’d have ten more if I could. I seriously would, I think Andrew lives in fear that he’ll come home to a new dog every day.  I find myself envious of our dog walker, getting to spend her days surrounded by these loving, wonderful creatures.

Now that I have outed myself as “that crazy dog lady”, you can understand my current desire to have portraits painted of my boys. Dog portraiture goes way back in the history of interiors, and I for one would also like to add a few old paintings to my collection (and my new gallery wall which will be revealed soon too!)  I am in good company in this desire, as famed socialite Brooke Astor had quite a collection in her stairwell too! I die over this.



Another gallery wall of dogs that I love (but not the decor…)


A pilgrimage is in order for all dog portrait addicts to the NY William Secord Gallery.  


They sell a variety of works (I personally love the one to the left, as that is my exact view when I come home- two happy little pups at the top of the stairs).


I love illustrator Happy Menocal’s loose, sketchy style of pet portraits… maybe someday!






These portraits by Robin’s Egg Gallery have such fun backgrounds!





I’ve blogged about her before, but I am 99% sure I’ll go with Etsy seller Kate Pugsley for my portraits! Affordable and uber-talented!


How about you? Have you or would you have portraits painted of a beloved pet?

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