FashionMarch 19, 2013

The Long and Short of It.

This post on Into the Gloss last week really had me thinking about chopping my hair off.  I have never really been one to fear this kind of change, especially that one time in college when I decided to try a version of the adorable Meg Ryan “You’ve Got Mail” cut and found out it’s NOT a good look for girls with thick dark brown hair.  Best left to waifs with blonde locks.  But hair grows, and soon it was  super duper long and then cut it again when I donated to locks of love after my wedding. It’s not crazy long now, but that annoying in between length and I have to decide which way to go. Hmmmmmm.

As the article brings up, it seems as though most men find short hair less “attractive” than long hair. I blame Victoria’s Secret models. In a world where almost every celebrity has extensions in, it’s covet-able to have really long hair.  But there is something so freeing about cutting it off! And I know there are many men out there who think short hair is sexy on a lady- confidence and quirkiness abound, right? :) But I think it keeps a lot of people from taking the plunge and shopping it off. Thoughts??

The looks I’ve been admiring and considering: Not crazy short a la Hathaway, but a shorter angled wavy bob- like these. I am especially liking that second one with the ombre color.  But seeing as my grey hairs are multiplying like baby rabbits I’m not sure…


Supermodels Daria Werbowy and Karlie Kloss both cut their hair into bobs this year….


The center part looks sleek and pretty.


Olivia Munn’s hair looks great wavy or straight. A smidge shorter than I think I’d be ok going.

Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood 2012 Style Issue Event - Arrivals

And it looks pretty AND cute when up… granted, it also helps WHEN YOU LOOK LIKE OLIVIA MUNN.


I have some time to think about it…but am loving that I could do something fun (possibly traumatic) for myself and support others by getting my hair cut on April 28th for the HAIRraising Cut-A-Thon for Children’s Hospital Boston! My salon is participating (Salon Marc Harris Newbury) but you can check here to find a participating one. From a trim to a chop, it’ll feel good to help someone else out.

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