The Before and After: My Kitchen

We are SO CLOSE. All we have remaining is some tweaks to the range hood (not fully installed yet) and to hang the dining room chandelier. And then we are DONE WITH THE KITCHEN (with the construction part, at least)! I have some decorating to do (drapes, dining chairs, rug, etc) but we are so happy with the way it turned out. I have yet to look at the before and after images in the same place so here we go….
These were the listing images of the dining room and kitchen- separated by walls and doors and making each space feel SO small (these were taken with wide angle lenses too!)



These are the pictures I took when we moved in.


IMG_2335 IMG_2343

And this is what it looks like this morning! It’s cloudy and these are taken with my iPhone (because in our move I seem to have lost my camera battery charger! Awesome!)  So it actually looks even better in person.  There will be lots better shots later (in the BOOK, y’all!)


(I’ll be posting about my amazing new custom dining table on Wednesday too!)


We opened up the entry into the space nice and wide and cased it to look more finished.  This adds a ton of space when you look at it in comparison to the original image above!


So glad I ran the tile to the ceiling behind the hood. It really draws the eye up.


I hung the Hicks pendants but did order the glass ones I posted about as well to try. They are from England and taking forever to get here. We shall see how I feel once I see them in person paired with the chandy (which one did I pick? Wait and see….) :)


It feels about three times as large in here as it did before.  In fact it’s hard to believe we did not add one square foot of space.


Did I tell you much I love my Blanco sink? It’s such a deep farm sink that just holds so much stuff. And it’s the coolest design- no need to decide between the more rounded country look or the cleaner, angular modern look (like I have) because the sink is DOUBLE SIDED.  So when you install you can choose! GENIUS!


The little cookbook shelves that my dad designed with Vermont Custom Cabinetry is so key- I love it! Also I’m happy to report all the water stains on the counters disappeared and we have had no more issues with staining! And everyone LOOOOOVES them and thinks they are so unique.


I started my gallery wall up the stairs yesterday and am loving it! We’ll do a runner up the stairs when my bank account isn’t feeling so retched. And I am so, so, so obsessed with my grasscloth. Like, it’s disturbing how much I love it. And I have to give a lot of that credit to Cheryl from Commercial Wallpaper for FLAWLESS hanging (also the Hicks Hexagon in my powder room). I love her- if you need wallpaper hung anywhere in New England email her at You will not regret it.


It was worth EVERY PENNY- but I am not anxious to do it again for the next 5-10 years. :)

Design: Erin Gates Design/ New England Design/ Vermont Custom Cabinetry

Cabinets: Vermont Custom Cabinetry– Uppers: Classic White/ Lowers : BM Cape May Cabblestone

Hardware: Colonial Bronze style 306.

Counters: Bianco Macaubas Quartzite- Sygma Stone

Floors: White Oak refinished- Minwax 50/50 Jacobean & Ebony mix

Construction: Wellbuilt

Appliances: All Jenn Air ( Pro-Syle range, French Door counter depth fridge, Trifecta dishwasher ) via Yale Appliance

Hood: Yale Custom Hood

Faucet: Perrin & Rowe via Waterspot

Sink: Blanco New Fireclay via Waterspot

Grasscloth: Phillip Jeffries Bermuda Hemp in Elephant

Backsplash: Basic white subway with Mist grout via Tiles Plus More, Natick.

Pendants: Visual Comfort Hicks Small via Waterspot

Counter stools: Wisteria

Dining Table: Huston & Company (more to come on that)




  1. I am almost finished with a complete renovation of our beach house in Galveston, Texas, and the Hicks pendants are the front runner to go over our new kitchen island.
    The only hesitation I have had is I am not sure how much light they produce. If you have the time, or even feel like it!, would you maybe email me a quick note to let me know? I would appreciate it more than you know!
    Your new kitchen is just LOVELY!
    Vikki :)

  2. Congratulations on this BEAUTIFUL reno!! It is looking amazing so far. Love love love the grasscloth and the picture gallery. I can’t wait to see the rest. We just bought our first home in Cambridge in December 2012, and I am seeing a lot of similarity in our styles. It’s been so fun to see your home design process at the same time that we have been designing/styling ours. Quick question: I also need to install a runner on my stairs; do you have a good Boston-area resource for this? Thanks!!

  3. I am LOVING everything about your kitchen remodel…The hardwood floors are beautiful, the grass cloth makes me weak in my knees (this is most for our next house), the farm sink is the fantastic, and the back splash is jaw dropping::: I cannot get enough! You should be so proud of your work and your stunning home!!

  4. This gives me house fever so bad, you have no idea! I love helping my client’s create their dream spaces but I’m dying for a project for myself now. *le sigh* A designer without a home (aka, living in a rental) is like a balloon with no helium. For now I’ll just live vicariously through you and say bravo, job exceptionally well done!

  5. I just wanted to commend you on a job well done! Your kitchen is FABULOUS! I’ve seen it all over Pinterest. Then today, I was directed to your blog via the Inspired Room. I am no where near done looking through your blog! It’s beautiful! And I”ll be pinning plenty of kitchen pics from you. Love it all. And that grasscloth – I’m with you….beautiful!!!


  6. Wow! It looks stunning Erin! Since I know the 1000 dilemas to pick up the right choices for ourselves I think you just did the absolute right choices! You’ll never get tired of that grascloth wallpaper. I have the same kind of dilemas and I’m also my worst client and get tired of 2 years old wallpapers pretty fast but never got tyred of my light gray grascloth. Kitchen cabins are gorgeous too and timeless and that table it’a absolutely gorgeous shade of wood. I would have picked something like that too! If you still have a tiny doubt… You did the right choices girl. Be proud!

  7. Your kitchen and dining room are gorgeous! You designed a beautiful space – cannot wait to see the chandelier in there once installed and love the wallpaper. Great choice.

    Cannot stand it all~ You are K.I.L.L.I.N.G me!
    Love everything. I also LUV your photo wall up the stairs. Been dying to do that but don’t even know where to start. Five kids later and I still don’t have one photo up my wall. You need to do a tutorial! Pretty please???

  9. Duncan- where did I say that? Nowhere- in fact, all my resources (architect, builder, cabinet design) are listed above. I am truly baffled as to why all these comments are coming in saying DIY and Home Depot- seems like spamming.

  10. Sorry I didn’t see the resources listed. This kitchen looks fabulous. Your architect is quite the designer! I would have used a darker color under the chair rail, but other than that it’s perfect.

    Is your range/hood on an outside wall? Curious how you vented it?

  11. Nowhere did I say “DIY”, sorry, nowhere. On 3/18 I didn’t even blog about my kitchen. Yes, I designed the kitchen (I am a designer, you know that) WITH the architect and cabinet company. I picked the tile, finishes,layout, lighting….everything. I am not sure why you are so concerned about this, but it upsets me that you are calling this project, that was very expensive, custom and hard work on many people’s parts, DIY.
    I am quite aware the differences between design and decorating, thanks very much. Before you leave comments like this maybe you shoudl read about the entire process start to finish.

  12. I think D.H. was referring to one of your previous comments. I read the whole blog and have to say I’m very impressed with all the work you did. I’m still waiting on a response to my range/hood question?

    Also, do you miss having a formal dining room? Are they overrated?

  13. I love your kitchen. I am thinking about doing something very similar using exactly the same quartzite. I can’t tell from the pictures, but is your cabinets white or grey? The quartzite slab that I found is more grey than white, is yours the same? I see so many pictures of white (bianco) macaubas that look almost white, but I have yet to come across one that looks white.

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