Party Down.

A few images from our small party for Andrew this weekend- I was so frantic I didn’t get to take a single shot but thankfully Sarah was there and capture a few snaps (mixed in with my pre-party instagrams).

The cutest pic of Andrew from when he was little- double stripes? No wonder I love him.


Yep- I went with the sputnik light. And I LOVE it. I also rented a black and white stripe tablecloth from La Tavola Linens,  ghost chairs from PBD Events and pulled together a centerpiece from bunches grabbed at the flower market (in a Target vase).

photo 4

Subconsciously bought Line 39 cab- perfect for turning the big 4-0. :)  Bought a bunch of glasses from IKEA because they were cheaper then renting- a pack of 6 wine glasses for $4.75!  The napkins I got through For Your Party.


Details from the house I’m loving.

IMG_5487 IMG_5471

A quick pre-party shot of the living room with our new coffee table, side tables, lamps, rug and pillows. :)


The flowers- wanted them to be more English garden then uptight. Love how they came out.

photo 1

Living room shot featuring my fave side table (similar) and Mitchell Gold chair– complete with arrangement sent over by friends.


The party begins.


Andrew’s favorite things- scotch and North Carolina BBQ!!!

IMG_5497 IMG_5512

The sunroom with our new Peter Dunham pillows which I looooove and a Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor rug.

photo 5

My mom made one of her famous cheesecakes (Andrew’s favorite).

IMG_5521 IMG_5555

Another sunroom shot (complete with Baxter butt and knocked over books– but hey, it’s life).

photo 2

Yesterday I spent in this spot on the couch ALL DAY with this view (never drinking champagne AGAIN.  At least not until next weekend.)  I have not spent a whole day in sweats on the couch since I can’t remember when and you know what? I needed it.

photo 13

The party was great incentive to get our house done and now that it’s in a good place (minus dining chairs) we can get back to enjoying our weekend doing OTHER things like spending time outside, going to museums and movies and soon- working in the yard.  FINALLY.


  1. Looks amazing!! The light fixture is stunning. I can’t wait to see more pictures of it. I have those lamps in light gray by my bed-aren’t they the best?

  2. What a fabulous job you have done on your house and in such a short period of time! So glad the birthday was a success!

  3. Your home is lovely and amazing….such a light, airy look. Would your Mom share her cheesecake receipe…that is my speciality and I would love a new
    receipe. Happy Birthday to Andrew!

  4. Beautiful party! You could definitely be a party planner. I’ve loved seeing the progress of your home! Thanks for sharing. xo

  5. I think it’s more natural to jump to your defense at an actively mean-spirited comment, but I think Helen needs to simmer with the drinking suggestion. THANK YOU for being honest about post champagne mornings. They are a necessary evil periodically experienced by some of us (fun people), like trips to the DMV. If you were posting about your yoga session at dawn after a party, I might have to throw myself in front of a bus. And more importantly thank YOU, God, for champagne. ;)

    House looks amaze!! Bravo! For whatever reason the link to your white side table (which I swear is the only thing I fully plan to copy you on if I can) is showing some bedding at Linens and Things. Would you mind sharing where you found it? :)

  6. Erin, you have gotten so much accomplished in your new home in such a short amount of time – truly AMAZING. Love all the details and decor items you added to the space to make the house feel warm and inviting. I also love how you mixed high end w/ low end items, making the latter seem worth much more. Also, LOVE that sputnik light; I may have to have it in my house :) ! Thanks for sharing details of the party – looks like it was a hit.

  7. i too, would love scoop on the side table (linens-n-things link) and the layered rugs. the sputnik + party details look gorgeous — master mix of timeless pieces.
    p.s…..simmer down helen. is that all she gleaned from your entire post?

  8. So cute! Where did you get the 40 sparkler candles? I *might* be turning 40 in a few weeks myself, with a fancy shindig planned :) would love to add sparkly topper to my party dessert! Thanks….

  9. Erin – Your house is looking fantastic! It is making me feel bad that my house that I moved into before you still needs decorating. I wanted to ask you about the PB couch. I have been looking at the same one minus the chaise, but I know you were having some issues with PB. Is the couch worth the trouble you had? Thanks for your help.

  10. Erin,
    Everything looks fabtastik! I especially love the sputnik chandelier,that was my vote too! Everything looks so effortlessly put together.
    How did the floors fair? Did you make the ladies take their heels off? ;0 This is an Erin Gates meets Emily Post question when you have guests…

  11. OHHHH I love it all! I want my space to look JUST like this!! I agree with everyone else on the perfect mix of high- low. It feels like something that I can achieve- eventually!

  12. Hi Erin!

    Happy Birthday to Andrew! Where did you end up getting your couches from? I love the one in the sunroom, and I like what I can see of the one in your living room too!

    Thank you,

  13. Hi Erin!

    I mostly lurk, but I just had to post to say that your house looks fantastic! I have loved following along with your progress as I swear our homes are house twins…ours is basically the exact same layout as yours, and from the same era. Although, we’ve been in our house for almost 6 years, and it is a little depressing to see how much you’ve been able to do in such a short time!

    I also wanted to ask about your couch in your living room! Are you liking it / would you recommend it?

    Keep up the good work!

  14. Hi Erin! Have to comment today- your house and design sense are incredibly inspiring. I absolutely love every decision you’ve made. And I must say, we are doing our floors in the ebony/jacobean mix after seeing yours. LOVE. Glad you shared your party deets (and SOURCES) with us! ~Danielle

  15. Looks like such a great party! Your house looks amazing, and it’s so evident when you write about your husband that you really do adore him :) My husband and I have been married nearly eight years, have two kids (had them young), and I have to tell you–I’m a bit jealous of all the one-on-one time you and Andrew get to spend together. Movies, Museums, even yard work–none are quite as easy to come by once there are little people in the picture :) (wouldn’t trade my two little ones, just keeping it real :) xoxo

  16. hi erin – i love how your house is looking! can you tell me where you go the bar tray? thanks! kerri

  17. Hey Erin – have been following you for 4 years! I only seem to respond on the “Andrew” posts (maybe because I literally have an Andrew as well?) but truthfully you inspire me daily and my bestie and I talk about you as if you’re our 3rd more often than is normal. Just want to tell you that I have have been a design/fashion blog devotee for years and as all interests in life, the devotion to something new ebbs and flows, yet Elements of Style stays constant. When I have time, I visit all, but rarely a day goes by that I don’t check out EOS. I’m simply never let down by you. (No pressure!). You’re amazing. Thank you.

  18. Erin, could you PLEASE share where you got your brass and glass two-tiered coffee table? I’ve been looking for one for forever. I’d be forever grateful. Thank you for your wonderful blog! I look forward to reading it each day :)

  19. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how your renovation has Andrew’s and your story imbedded throughout. Gorgeous space! Love how you are mixing hi/low, masculine/feminine…Thanks for sharing!

  20. I read your blog religiously but have never commented so wanted to say how amazing your house is looking! All that hard work has paid off!

  21. First things first, Happy Birthday to Andrew!! Secondly, seriously, Erin, your home looks ah-mazing!!! We moved into our house in November, and it still looks like we just moved in. I have so much to do!! Your house already looks so put together and so cozy. You should be so proud! And Andrew’s party looks like it was a hit. Too much champs you say? Sounds like it was my kind of party. ;)

  22. Erin, your house looks amazing! Would you share where you got your two tier brass and glass coffee table? I also have been searching for one and the closest, I’ve found is the one from Williams Sonoma Home. That one is a bit larger i think and on casters which I don’t like as well. Happy Birthday to Andrew! Love your blog! Seldom comment but have been faithfully reading daily since you were featured in the Globe Magazine.

  23. Love the progress! Just found your blog today, and spent hours reading about your new home/renovations. Can totally relate, just bought a house from 1940 that will be going through “phases” of renos, like you (depending on the cash flow). Pease continue to share your pics and sources. It’s been inspirational. Quick question…is your Zebra rug real or faux? I want to buy a fix one, but am worried they will look cheap/fake. Just curious what you thought.

  24. Happy Birthday, Andrew!!! Erin, your place looks fantastic!!! And your party décor is perfect!! Thanks for sharing everything! I do love the sputnik, although I didn’t think I would, but your kitchen is more modern than I pictured it. The Hicks also look fantastic. Will there be more black accents in the dining room? I have a P.J. grasscloth and love it. I ordered some bday party napkins from For Your Party yesterday and gave them your blog name. Great timing! Don’t ever give up champagne… just hydrate like mad the day of a party. Goes for tequila, too! Now, where are you going to store all those wine glasses???

  25. What a fab party! The house looks AMAZEBALLS — I love how you’ve mixed the blacks, grays and tans AND how you mixed the frames in the gallery wall up the stairs. Also, I got very excited b/c I have your sunroom rug in blue under the same lucite coffee table in my apt!!! Makes me so happy that I unknowingly copied my design crush. :)

  26. Everything looks so fabulous!!! Where did you get the Zebra rug? I’m on the hunt for one! (pardon the pun) :-)

  27. Oh Jeez. I have only been lusting over those M+G chairs for-freaking-ever.
    Gorgeous place. Happy birthday Andrew!
    I would also like to point out that my husband is also born in March and so is Adam Levine. Obv just the best men! ;-)

  28. OMG that light fixture is the one I have been debating about for months now. Do you think it gives off enough light for an entryway. It is literally stunning and so chic. Adore the stripes!!!

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