Sponsor Welcome: Arianna Belle

I have a serious addiction to throw pillows. They are by far the easiest way to change up the looks of a living room or bedroom without spending big bucks. I am always playing around with different samples for clients but never have actually had custom pillows made for my own living room! Isn’t that nuts? As I try to pick some for myself (finally), I get to introduce you to one of my new sponsors Arianna Belle, who makes pillows from designer fabrics for great prices. :)  And for right now she’s offering free shipping with the code EOSLOVE of your order of $100 or more (ONLY VALID UNTIL FEB 26, 2013).  Check out some of my favorites. SUCH great fabric selections- I’ve used many of these myself for clients!










7 Responses to “Sponsor Welcome: Arianna Belle”

  1. Flirtygems says:

    So cool of you to support Etsy shops! Love the pillows!!!

  2. Julie says:

    good heavens, that’s pillow heaven all right! Love the ric rac print so much.

  3. Jennifer says:

    So funny–I just bought 2 of those Jasper Conran pillows from her shop two weeks ago! They’re beautiful and came wrapped in a pretty purple ribbon.

  4. Love these pillows! Some of them would definitely find their place in my living room!

  5. These pillows are amaze! I love that watermelon trellis print one; it would look so good on my couch!

  6. Rebecca B. says:

    Great minds think alike – I recently bought 4 pillows from Arianna’s Etsy Shop. She’s so delightful to work with and I feel even better about my decision now that you’ve brought her on board.

  7. Chris says:

    GORGEOUS fabrics. But I’ll never understand displaying pillows with that big karate chop down the center! They call that “scissoring” or something?? Let those beautiful pillows be FLUFFED without huge dents! Just sayin’…