Fashion Friday: Black & White

I have been finding myself continuously deferring to a black and white (and grey) palette these days in both home decor decisions and purchases for the closet.  There is something so nice about a “uniform”- keeping things in one simple palette and making sure those items are cut beautifully and made to last. These ladies look fantastic in basic silhouettes and colors but texturized the looks with fantastic accessories.

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This palette is classic and is why my dream bag still continues to be this one (even though I think Celine doesn’t make this color combo anymore)


(OMG, I would do seriously disturbing things for that bag.)

In the meantime some pieces that caught my eye that fit into this “look”.


1. This faux leather dress is such a fantastic cut and looks so great dressed up or down. I shall be buying this one.

2. How amazing are these star earrings? So dramatic with an updo and LBD!

3.  These pants are so slimming and comfy (and a glam touch of equestrian chic).

4. If I coulf buy one pair of shoes for spring it would be these ridiculously priced YSL sandals. And if I hit it big, I’d buy the heels too.

5. How cute are these nautical flats???

6. This color blocked Reed Krakoff bag would match just about anything.

7. These tweed motorcycle jacket mixes biker girl and lady who lunches.

8. Love the leather tipping on this simple (and cheap) Calvin top. Great with skinny black pants and heels!

9. Mini skulls add a hint of bad ass with this affordable scarf.

10. This classic leather and gold watch will look great for spring instead of heavy metal bracelet bands.

11. These basic Tibi tanks are pricey, but such a spring layering staple and a perfect fit.

12. A fantastic clutch for spring that adds a little pattern to basic outfits!


  1. Erin,

    Saw your post on FB about stressing over your busy life! I know it’s hard, but don’t stop posting these great Fashion Friday posts!! I live for them each week and get SO MUCH inspiration from your fabulous pics/picks!!


  2. Erin, thanks for starting my spring shopping for me! I just ordered the Tinley Road dress from your
    Iink. My husband got me the Celine mini luggage as a surprise Christmas present and I will never buy a purse again (at least for a year or two.). Wish I could hire you to do all my shopping/styling. You’re amazing!

  3. We’re on a same wavelength this morning, I’m wearing black and gray (and leopard print). I tend to think that this is too safe and boring, but I can’t help but gravitate to those colors … and mint, go figure. Happy Friday!

  4. Erin- took my a year to finallyjustify and buy the Celine bag. I have the Phantom version of the bag you posted.
    Best bag ever…. Thinking of buying another in lighter color for summer…. don’t wait

  5. Everyone, please stare at that Celine bag and tell me it doesn’t look like a face? I got the Trapeze for that reason. Maybe it is me….

  6. A large part of my wardrobe is made of black/white items. I find it easy and elegant at the same time, plus you can add any color you feel that day!

  7. I’ve kind of been shying away from black tops as the color makes me look pale and tired, but seeing these images really makes me want to add some black items (besides jeans and trousers) to my wardrobe! I can always wear a scarf or a statement necklace to avoid the black agains my face.

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