Can We Talk About Downton?

This is pretty much the emotional range I went through last night after the last 10 seconds of the Downton finale.


And then I woke up this morning and was still super sad about it. Baxter was too.  So sad, in fact, he refused to get out of the fetal position and com to work with me.

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  1. I hear ya, me and my dogs just mentioned it to my daughter and she was mocking me for my misery……I just can’t believe it.

  2. Stupid Matthew wouldn’t renew his contract so they had to kill him off. They said no one would believe that Mary would just let him disappear for work or that he would ever abandon her and the baby so it was the only option since he has no intent on coming back. It was horrible. I am still bummed & curious if the show can recover.

  3. Totally agreed. I knew it was coming but I was still distraught. It has made my boyfriend so upset that he has proclaimed the show “stupid” and won’t watch it anymore. The only bright side is that we saw it last night, whereas the Brits saw it as a Christmas special and many said it ruined their holiday. :(

  4. I woke up feeling awful and thought, “why am I so sad this morning?” then remembered it was because Matthew was dead – I didn’t read any spoilers so I had no idea! I don’t know how I’ll get over it . . .

  5. Definitely devasting! I watched it a few days ago on iTunes, and I am still not quite over it. I just can’t understand (since other posts have mentioned it) why Matthew would want to leave such a popular show. I know he was on Broadway with Jessica Chastain, but does he really think that leaving is a good career move? Ugh.

  6. Dan Stevens and I are no longer friends. I didn’t think Julian Fellows had much of a choice regarding the Matthew character because what plausible storyline could have included Matthew leaving for a whole season? Seriously, two shocking deaths in one season?? I could deal with Season 2’s passing of Lavinia and William (Spanish flu and WWI, I get it), but Sybil and Matthew??? C’mon!

  7. Having made it a point not to read any spoilers, I was shocked and devastated to see Matthew die. He was among my favorite characters, and his sudden death, coming as it did at the height of his happiness, has had me feeling low all day. I wish Dan Stevens well, but doubt that this was a good career move. What could he possibly do that would be better than Downton Abbey? Don’t worry about your dog, though. I imagine he was just sleeping in because he chooses not to work on a holiday.

  8. I feel the same way…I wrote a post yesterday expressive my undying love for D.A., but now I want to take it back. The show was actually kind of uneventful, and then BAM! Didn’t see that one coming. This series kills off more characters than a slasher.

  9. I had seen a spoiler in a British paper a few weeks ago so I wasn’t as shocked as everyone else. I just don’t understand why Dan Stevens would want to leave such a good thing! I kind of hate that he forced them to kill him off when it was totally unecessary. I bet they’ll start the next season a few months down the line since we already went through their grief process when Sybil died. I don’t know what I’m going to do for the next year!

  10. I knew you would have something to say about the episode last night. I can’t believe it! My heart is broken. I am with Baxter.

  11. Thank god I’d read spoilers and was prepared, or else I may have thrown something at my television. Whyyyy!? I’ll miss their relationship so much. And now we have to see strong, brave Mary mourn and be sad? Noooo!!!

  12. I was equally upset last night and couldn’t believe they would kill off two main characters in one season, and then I found out why. The director said that the actor who plays Matthew wanted to quit after his three year contract was up, and so they had to write him out of the series. Major bummer.

  13. I am so happy you posted about Downton – all I’ve wanted to do all day is talk about the finale! I am sad that Dan Stevens decided to leave the show, but I look forward to seeing what the next season will bring. Besides Matthew’s death, I loved the scenery in the finale. Also, is it just me or is Edith becoming more & more stylish in every episode? You have to admit that the show is a lot of fun. I just want Carson & Ms. Hughes to finally get together! Maybe that will be a storyline in Season 4. Thanks again for posting about DA :)

  14. Devastated. I also heard the rumors that Dan Stevens was leaving Downton, but when it got down to the last 2 minutes of the episode and he was still there…..I honestly thought he had changed his mind, and decided to stay. How could they do that in the last *seconds* of the episode?!? Heartless and so… I honestly can’t imagine how the house will recover from losing Matthew. UGH. Heartbreak.

  15. It really has been emotional! Guys, count yourseleves lucky you watched it now and not on Christmas Day as we did here in the UK. We didn’t see this ending coming and went from absolute joys to complete devastation in minutes!
    Such an amazing programme, so well written and always keeps you wanting for more! We are addicts here in England…

    Zoe xxx

  16. I accidentally heard the spoiler that confirmed Dan Stevens had chosen not to return for season 4, so I pretty much watched this entire season with my breath held. I was really hoping that his character would be whisked away somewhere on “business”….New York, possibly? I felt like they could have come up with a story line that would have allowed his character to exit under believable circumstances, yet not alienate the audience. However, in my heart of hearts, I knew he’d probably be killed off. As devastated as I am about this, I did read a point that someone made on another blog that makes me feel a *tiny* bit better with how this season ended; Matthew essentially secured the future of Downton by both repairing its financial state and producing an heir. In that sense alone, his arc was completed well.

    I will undoubtedly tune in next season, albeit with a heavy heart. Matthew and Mary were the heart of the show, in my opinion, so it will be difficult to watch knowing that that dynamic no longer exists.

  17. I know exactly how you feel! The only rationale I can make out of it is that these actors are getting other career opportunities they can’t turn down. That reasoning is the only way I can wrap my head around why they keep killing people off!

  18. Still can’t believe Downton! That was just wrong!!!! So sad. Thanks for a great post! Now that everything I have is chrome, I guess it’s time to change it all to brass?!

  19. My hubby and I were so upset about this, what a sad ending. While having coffee this morning, we sat in astonishment of his departure. :( I think we went through the same range of emotions, too! ;) xo ~Liz

  20. There was a huge hint in the previous episode when Matthew proclaimed his undying love for Mary after the cricket match. When the camera focused on him in that final scene, I knew he was a goner.

  21. You captured it perfectly! I have it in my mind to write to the actor – apparently he wanted out. Who wants out of Downton? He was so perfect, waaaahhhhh

  22. I was more shocked then sad. I just wonder if this was always going to happen or if they came up with this conclusion after the actor informed them he wanted to leave the show. I think I would have been more okay acting like a new actor has been on the show as Matthew since day one over how he was axed. How much can one family go through?

  23. I read a spoiler weeks ago, completely by mistake (on – no warning. thanks, ew). I was sure Matthew was going to get shot – probably by Edith’s boyfriend – but once he got back and saw the baby, I figured it would be a car accident. So sad.

  24. Leave it to a feminist lawyer, but I immediately started wondering who would be the new heir to Downton. Then, I wondered when primageniture and the requirement for a male heir ended in England. Maybe by the 1920s Lady Mary will be the heir to Downtown in her own right?

  25. devastated! loosing sybil was bad enough…but matthew is simply too much to bare! personally, the matthew/mary romance was my absolute favorite story line throughout the entire series. will the show be able to recover? who knows!

  26. Love that you just tied in my two TV obsessions together. So, so sad this season on Downton. How are they ever going to recover from this@#%$ I’m just pissed at Dan Stevens.

  27. Love this spirited discussion! I am relying on the accuracy of the commenters before me to say that Dan Stevens may not have wanted to be “type cast” and if the producer/writer knew he only had him for 3 years, the story could have progressed differently. Until I read the info provided I thought it was a cliff hanger with the possibility that he did not die in the car crash despite Matthew’s open stare lying under the car!. Each season does get a little more contrived and I expect the story will continue just fine and Dan Stevens will continue with a successful movie and theater career.

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