1. See,you should have stayed in Aruba.
    Now feel better, drink lots of liquids.
    Rest is best.
    Hubs was home sick yesterday – Nurse CRatchet was at his side….

  2. Erin — I feel your pain. I managed to mask most of my symptoms with what’s probably too much cold medicine, but I would much rather be curled up in bed. I hope you’re at home in bed and not on the Aero bed in your office. That pic yesterday just made me sad for you.


  3. Sending well-wishes your way. Don’t mess around with that stuff for too long. I understand the flu and pneumonia are very aggressive this year. Tuck in and REST.

  4. Had the flu for 13 days in Nov/Dec and feel your pain. SOO sorry you are sick. Rest and hope you feel better!

  5. I had this year’s flu and it kicked my arse. I had the hardest time soothing my cough. (I was coughing so hard my back felt like I had been weight lifting and working out.) This remedy really helped knock me out, keep me from coughing and soothed my sore, sore throat. Feel better!!

    In a small saucepan heat about 2 tbsp of bourbon or whisky until it begins to bubble. To this, add juice of half of one lemon and honey to taste. Drink this and you’ll feel better!

  6. Ah, poor thing!! Hope you are able to get some good rest and feel better soon! Maybe you can get in some quality movie watching time as you sip tea and stay cuddled up?!
    Much love,

  7. I was there with you last week…only difference is that we were celebrating New Years in Colorado-skiing, drinking etc. made for a tough vacation for me, I had to really rally. Feel better soon.

  8. If you are reading this it means you are not sleeping :) Sleep. When not sleeping the only thing you should be looking at are photos from your trip to Aruba. Serious spirit lifter.

  9. Do not feel bad about this FOR EVEN ONE MINUTE! I can barely manage to post when I’m not sick. I can truly sympathize since I’ve had Pertussis = whooping cough since Halloween and then my 2 boys got it, then this past week me, my 2 boys, and my daughter who is home from college all got the flu! I love your blog. Truly yours, MFAMB, and Note To Self are my favorite and I read all of the popular ones.

    You’re allowed to be sick and give yourself a break. Period. I hope you feel better soon.

  10. Hope you are feeling better soon! On to all that glorious lighting. My vote is for either the Arteriors Jean de Merry or Visual Comforts Bryant Chandelier. I just put this in a client’s home and I am so jealous. It is simple enough to let your Hicks pendants shine but so clean and elegant.

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