Simple Goals for 2013

1. Keep decorating my house patiently and purposefully with only things I really love.

2. Now that I will have a new kitchen, cook more. And not just Old El Paso taco kit kind of cooking– fresh, good for us food! (Oh, and be more like Gwyneth, obvs).

3. Try a new haircut.

4. Go outside more and take walks. Hikes. Kayaking. Whatever as long as there is blue sky above.

5. Write. A lot. (As you now know I have quite the massive writing goal this year!)

6. Take breaks. Real breaks that don’t involve the computer or TV.  Be still for minute.

7. Entertain more at home and don’t be stressed if everything isn’t PERFECT. Andrew turns 40 this year so I will be planning at least one big bash!

via Karson Butler Events

8. Invest in classics but take some risks. No more crap just because it’s on sale and I want something new.

9. Keep reading a lot. Doesn’t matter if it’s a literary classic or a thriller.

10. Get back to the mat.

11. Curate love, everyday. Be thankful. Take it all in.


26 Responses to “Simple Goals for 2013”

  1. Michelle says:

    Your goals are the same as mine! Happy New Year and good luck to us both!

  2. Kelly says:

    Love this! # 11 is my favorite {followed closely by #3, haha}. I’ll be doing these too, let’s keep each other posted :) Welcome 2013!!!

    Kelly from chic Saturday

  3. pve says:

    lovely goals.
    call me a copy cat.
    happy 2013!

  4. Amber Murphy says:

    Excellent goals! If Gweneth could only rub of on all of us a bit ; )

  5. Amber Murphy says:

    And my goal should clearly be to check my spelling before hitting enter! Ha!

  6. Happy New Year! Your goals are very similar to mine.
    And CONGRATS on the book deal. Cannot wait to have it sitting on my coffee table!

  7. Jeff Lahens says:

    1- Happy New Year! Wishing you blessings and prosperity in 2013.
    2- Andrew turns 40 aka party of the century!

  8. Caroline says:

    Love these goals! I’m sure you will be able to see success in many of them (if not all of them!) and I look forward to hearing about them – especially that last one!

  9. joan says:

    oh pretty great goals!
    i agree with most of them!
    happy new year!
    you have a beautiful blog!keep it that way!

  10. Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best! You are a wonderful source of inspiration!
    Fondly, Jamie Herzlinger

  11. Clare says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful year and I am sure 2013 will bring you many blessings! I love your resolutions list and will definitely keep many of those in mind. Happiest of New Year’s!

  12. Nicole @ Treasure Tromp says:

    Wonderful goals. Happiest new year!!

  13. Stacy says:

    Looking forward to the book! Congrats!

  14. Happy New Year and I love your list of goals for 2013!

    I recently had my hair cut similar to the one above – a short haircut is always so freeing!

  15. Jane says:

    I love the print for number 11. Where did you find that?

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  17. Franki Parde says:

    That sequined edged cardigan…my wish list…see, I’m not that difficult to please! franki p.s. Your NY is warmer than ours I’ll wager!!! :)

  18. Sarah says:

    Excellent goals. Mine are very similar.
    I can’t believe Andrew is turning 40! Not that 40 is old but he looks much younger.
    All the best in 2013. I look forward to continuing to read EOS with my morning coffee each day.

  19. Erin says:

    I love this one: 8. Invest in classics but take some risks. No more crap just because it’s on sale and I want something new.


  20. LittleMissLullaby says:

    I just might have to steal some of these! Great goals, especiablly to be more like Gweneth. Obv.

  21. Lovely goals, Erin! I find myself wanting to just copy and paste your list. :) I hope this year is even better than 2012. And, though I’m totally late on this one, I’m so excited for your new book! 2014 can’t come soon enough. All the best!

  22. Manj says:

    great list and congrats on the book deal! have quietly been following your blog and am so excited for you.

    WHERE is that chandelier from in the first photo? Any idea?

  23. Lisa says:

    Hey can I steal your goals? I would love to achieve every one of them. Can’t wait for your book, yeah!!

  24. Nichole says:

    Love them all, especially the last one! Do you have a source for the love print?

    Cheers! Nichole

  25. rachel says:

    i love your goals! very similar to how I live my life too. esp. love the girl with the jacket and great jeans. Have a great 2013!

  26. Massie Block says:

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