Mary McDonald for Schumacher

If asked who my top designer influences were I would have to put Ms. Mary McDonald at the top. I have loved her work way before Bravo made her a reality star and was so excited to hear she was doing a fabric line with Schumacher! I am sure we will see many more collections from her (a la Kelly Wearstler). How about these drapes, y’all?

mary mcdonald for schumacher

Loving the unique large scale appliques too!

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 8.03.56 AM

How gorgeous do these all look together?  Such great trims too! I love me a good trim!


Pretty crazy about this print which is very reminiscent of Gracie wallpapers ( Mary used a great light blue Gracie in her bedroom makeover on MDD if you recall).  I’ve priced that stuff out and it’s a fortune- so you can get the look with fabric at a somewhat cheaper price by making panels out of this fabric.  If you have a huge wall you could frame a panel of this, but it’s HUGE.


This fabric to the left would be great on a chair with the stripe centered on it!  And the print at right is a large scale and would be great on a chair or as drapes.


LOVE this marbleized print for pillows- and this applique would be so great on the back of upholstered dining chairs!


Mary also released a collection of gorgeous rugs for Patterson, Flynn Martin.


Speaking of Mary, I was so excited to see the redo of her living room in emerald green because that’s the color I’m thinking will be the only accent color in my new living room and dining room.  Even before it was dubbed the “color of 2013″ I wanted to use it.


Here it is again in the Monika Chiang store Mary did (which I think is bananas good).


Julie posted this pic of a room done by the FAB Grant K. Gibson this morning and these are the exact chairs I was thinking of doing in my dining room- white frame Louis chairs with emerald upholstery. What do you think?

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 7.51.04 AM

Side note: I think MDD should just be Mary and Nathan and I also am 99% sure that the three of us would be best friends if introduced.  Just sayin’

26 Responses to “Mary McDonald for Schumacher”

  1. I absolutely love the orange wall color in the first picture, complimented by the orange-colored drapes. So fresh looking. Thanks for sharing some of Mary’s great work!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I agree, just Mary and Nathan. I love her and have always admired her work. Those chairs are great!

  3. i think the emerald and white louis chairs for your dining room will look absolutely amazing!
    thank you for sharing mary’s great work!

  4. Love Mary McDonald’s style, great pics. I am a big fan of the orange too, that room is gorgeous, and the fabrics she has done are beautiful.

    Go for the emerald chairs — they will be amazing : )

  5. Caroline says:

    Mary was far and away my favorite on MMD. Loved her personality and loved her work. I seriously drooled over her bedroom on the final episode. I think the show should be Mary, Nathan and then I would also add JAM and his now fiance, Ross. I think they’re just too good looking a couple to not be on tv! Haha, I also liked JAF’s work, though not as much as Mary’s!

  6. Robin Bass says:

    The chairs are amazing. Especially if you decided to go with the round dining room table. I love the juxtaposing of the geometric angles in the top of the chairs with a round table and the emerald color is simply beautiful.

  7. Holy Moses.. all of these prints are so wonderful! I can’t even pick a favorite! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Happy Wednesday :)

    xx, Eleanor

  8. She is by far my fav on MDD and I too love the scenes with just her and Nathan! I always think of your style when I see her work :-) Can’t wait to pull some samples of her fabrics!!!

  9. Marisa says:

    Love the emerald (leather?) on the chairs. The blue and white porcelain looks great with it, too.

  10. Lindsey A. says:

    Totally agree! Mary is the best- both her designs and her personality. I also love her lighting collection for Robert Abbey.

  11. Ann T. says:

    Sorry, but I must beg to differ. I would miss Martyn, if MMD were limited to Mary and Nathan.

  12. Jennifer says:

    Agree! MM is the best! Her bedroom is a dream. I especially love how she handles her more “challenging” clients. I was glad Nathan got so much airtime this season. His book is excellent, too. Have you seen it?

  13. Dee says:

    Hi Erin! Hope you are well :) I’ve lined up more stores for you to visit if you make it back this way anytime soon… On another note… I interviewed Nathan yesterday at his shop and the piece is up today and tomorrow in two parts with a chance to win his book, American Style. I agree with you 100 percent… Mary & Nathan were my fave part of Season 2… GOLDEN :)

  14. Dee says:

    Here’s the link if you want to check it out! Tomorrow will get into his relationship with Mary and his experience on MDD.

  15. sketch42blog says:

    Remember my bachelor pad from last year? Emerald green couch!

  16. Georgine says:

    Can I get a thank you!?!? I have been in serious Mums withdrawal!!

  17. Elisa says:

    You need those chairs!! They are stunning and timeless. I love her fabric line, so chic! And those rugs?! I’m going to have to get one of those myself.

  18. Nancy says:

    I adore Mary McDonald – So fun to see these great new fabrics! Love her on MDD!

  19. KATHYSUE says:

    Love the idea of emerald for your living room. I too, dubbed Emerald as my personal color of the year, last year!This year it is yellow, I guess more can play the color of the year game than just Pantone!! Love Mary and would love to do lunch, she is hysterical and amazingly talented. Can’t wait to see how you use emerald,

  20. Melissa says:

    The emerald chairs were from the SF Decorator’s Showcase in 2011-Grant Gibson did that room. It was gorgeous. My cousin actually bought those very chairs from his One Kings Lane sale after the show and has them in her kitchen. It’s genius to do leather on dining chairs because when tiny people spill on them-juice! ketchup!-she just wipes them clean. Highly recommend.

  21. Gray says:

    Agree with everything you said! I love her taste and she and nathan are so much fun to watch….i saw them in person at the atlanta market and they were even more fun in person…HOWever…..i also love kathryn ireland and saw her in person down there, and she was hilarious…..and you have to agree that Martin is delicious, dahling……

  22. Megan says:

    Hey Erin, I would love to get me some of that fabric- unfortunately it will be out of my snack bracket! But that got me wondering. I wonder if some time in the future one of the well known designers will start a line that would be accessible to the everyday man. I mean…. Jaclyn Smith had her clothing line for Kmart all those years ago(dating myself here!). Some wondered at the time why she didn’t go for a higher end market. But she was smart. By making it readily accessible she was able to sell all that more, plus make something for the “everyday person”. It kind of gets frustrating when designers deal in exclusivity sometimes.

  23. YES to those chairs for your dining room. I will take a set with turquoise upholstery, please.

  24. I would never have thought of orange for walls but in the room above it really works and the curtains compliment them perfectly. I love how people are being much bolder with colour in room design and adding fabulous patterned upholstery into the mix can have great end results if done right (I adore the bird print). The louis chairs with the pale frame contrasting with emerald green upholstery would make a real statement in a dining room :O)

  25. LOVE your writing… informative and fresh but always personable. Mary’s fabrics are lush… BUT M.D.D. HAS to have Martyn and Kathyrn… they are essential viewing in every sense.

  26. julie says:

    FAB chairs…I’ve been coveting the same look for a while myself…House is looking great E! Oh and thanks for the link love.