Kitchen Accessories

As my kitchen slowly but surely comes together I have been thinking that I cannot just clutter it up with all my old, crusty kitchen accessories! Heavens, no! It would be offensive to all the money and time we’ve spent planning, designing and crafting this new beauty, right?  Not that I have any money left to buy fun new kitchen items, but if I could these would be on my list:


1. I have knives from my wedding registry, and they are still great but this block from West Elm would be SO pretty on my counter!

2. Considering how many striped shirts I have, you can see why I was drawn to this pitcher– perfect for ice water, lemonade or sangria!

3. My favorite soap for the sink.

4. A new whistling tea kettle to brew while I prepare to watch my new addiction, Downton Abbey!

5. Canisters for flour, sugar and Splenda (because we buy that stuff by the case!)

6. Some new monogrammed kitchen towels- proper and crisp, not from a discount store.

7. New cooking tools– I have black plastic ones and they depress me.

8. I DIE DIE DIE for this matte gold flatware for my new dining table (coming in two weeks!)

9. My mom has her mother’s seasoned cast iron skillets and I tell you- cooking with those puts all other pans to shame.  This one is not seasoned with decades of cooking, but it would do.

10. I still need a couple of these bottle stoppers– they are just SO GOOD.

11. A pretty walnut cutting board that would look nice with my new floor color!

12. A simple, but pretty, paper towel holder.

13. I never ever need kitchen string, but this little thing would just be too cute on the shelf!

14. Gorgeous champagne glasses to toast our new kitchen with!!!!

15. I know the VItamix is best, but I cannot fathom spending $600 on a blender. I just can’t.  I like my Breville juicer a lot, so I think they probably make a good blender too. :)

Counters go in tomorrow! They are my favorite thing in the kitchen and I can’t wait to show you!

Now I just have to learn how to be a good cook.


  1. I love all of your choices- the gold flatware I’ve been eyeing for a couple years now-LOVE! And I seriously cannot wait to see your countertops!!

  2. I have the same hesitations about the Vitamix! America’s Test Kitchen did equipment tests on blenders and they said that although the Vitamix is the best, the Breville is a great options as well, so looks like you’re right on the money :)

  3. I thought one of my friends was crazy when he bought a Vitamix, but it really is amazing. I don’t think I could ever blend enough to justify the price, though!

  4. I have enjoyed following along on the updates to your darling home, but your kitchen is just going to be perfection. I love all of the choices you have made so far and these kitchen accessories are no exception. Enjoy every minute in your new space. I am sure that becoming a good cook is not far off!

  5. A friend of my husband’s registered for gold flatware. I died, died, died over the price when I bought one place setting! His wife is a chef and I was introduced to super expensive kitchen ware when looking for a gift for their wedding. You could always go for the minimalist look to show off your kitchen. ;) Can’t wait to see your countertops!

  6. The same exact thing happened to me…..I have a little list of upgrades on the old kitchen accessories to go with my new kitchen! One thing at a time. good tools do make such a difference.

  7. 1. Splenda is SOOOO bad for you! I cannot believe you actually consume it.
    2. Vitamix is 100% worth it. Get the Creations II from $399, free shipping, and it comes in colors! Just invest and trust me, you will not regret it.

  8. Breville blender is the sh*t. You will not be disappointed.

    Love love love how your kitchen is shaping up.

  9. Great picks, especially the flatware. I too can’t spend 600.00 on a Vitamix and will check out the Breville. The QVC one mentioned is not available anymore. Can’t wait for the final results.

  10. I have that save skillet in blue. I LOVE it. It was a freebie with the LeCreuset Dutch Oven I got for Xmas several years ago.

  11. I am so excited to see your counter tops in. I loved the material that you picked out and I think it gives a similar look of marble but seems more durable. We have plans to renovate and your counter tops might be inspiration for our new kitchen. Also – on #8 I agree gold flatware is just so much more fabulous. On #15 I have the Breville and it’s great, plus counter worthy too.

  12. buy the canisters and ditch the splenda-please please please- try stevia instead or agave syrup…..sorry to be a mother hen! can’t wait to see your kitchen completed.

  13. The Vitamix changed my life – all I wanted for a Christmas and birthday present was the 750 Pro and I’m so happy for my parent’s generous gift. In addition to all of the green smoothies (etc) I now make peanut butter out of… get this, just peanuts! I’m not sure any blender or food processor on the market has the power. It is made to last a lifetime.

  14. You can’t go wrong with Le Creuset! They’re such a good investment because they last forever. We love ours!

  15. I have found the Savon de Marseille soap at both TJ Maxx & Marshalls. Always buy it when I see it. 1/2 the price & love the Figue & Pamplemousse scents.

  16. I just got the Breville Hemisphere Control blender a few months ago, and I gotta say that I love it! Definitely a great blender for a much better price than a Vitamix.

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