I Want to Go to There (REAL BAD): Greenwich Hotel

No, it’s not in some far flung foreign locale or on a sunny beach of a tropical island- but rather in gritty but grand New York City- The Greenwich Hotel, my new “must stay at” destination for 2013! The rooms are the definition of understated luxury and each looks rather unique with tons of textural details. Did I mention Robert DeNiro owns it? Bonus cool factor.


That big pillow is killing me. So good. The team behind the interiors, Grayling Design, really took their time to craft spaces that feel like home instead of a hotel.


Oh hi amazing bathroom. Look at those sinks, will you? Insanity.


Charm. Charm. Charm.


Interesting.  So not your typical hotel lobby at all.


Hold the phone- vintage rugs AND THEY TAKE DOGS?? Pack your bones, Bax and Ollie!


There’s that gorgeous green I’ve been obsessed with! So love it mixed with the natural wood!


That is some tile, y’all.


Clean. Serene. Simple. European. J’Adore!


If those are macaron bedtime treats then you can just kill me now.


I don’t think we can even talk about the penthouse. Can we? It feels like we all might freak out and get very depressed if we do.


Yeeeeaaaaahhh. I will never get to stay here.


I hear the spa is amazing.  As is the pool.


The restaurant is Locanda Verde– which I also hear is the cat’s pajamas (will never understand that saying, BTW)


This makes me think people are right. A good bolognese is my weakness.


Has anyone been? Do tell if you have!



  1. Rumor has it that DeNiro’s good friend and costar Bradley Cooper is a regular. Just when you think the place couldn’t be more attractive……

  2. I’ve been to Locanda Verde, the restaurant in the Greenwich Hotel. The ambiance, service and food were exceptional. I went with my friend who lives in New York, whom I was staying with, and we saw Ed Burns walking towards us as we left the restaurant. Very handsome.

  3. I have heard this expression from my mother so I actually know what it means it means someone is very stylish I guess early on they didn’t wear PJS guess they were all naked in the early 1900’s :)

  4. Locanda Verde is amazing. I’ve been there a bunch of times and the food is always exceptional. You must get the herbed goat’s milk ricttoa and lamb meatballs. The menu changes seasonally and everything I’ve had including the dessert menu has been incredible.
    Here is a great recipe from the restaurant that is pretty easy to make. Pappardelle with Lamb Ragu:

  5. We are going to NY in April for our 10-year wedding anniversary. We are planning to stay in Midtown to be centrally located to everything, but that hotel looks amazing and the bolognese has me drooling (I will need to try out that restaurant)! A cup of Jo blog has excellent recommendations for NY restaurants and outings if you are planning a trip there.

  6. Locande Verde is excellent. I went for brunch – the pastries were outrageous and my latte had a heart in the froth. I was too busy stuffing my face to look for celebs.

  7. I stayed there for my husband’s birthday last February, and it was better than I expected. The rooms are beautiful (we were upgraded to a room with a balconette overlooking the courtyard – so peaceful for NYC), the floors are gorgeous Sundance-y type wood (and smells like the real thing), the bedding is so comfy, and the bathrooms are so lux – the tiling is gorgeous, and the water pressure is perfect – the largest overhead rain shower fixture I’ve experienced, literally falls softly over your entire body. If you’re a guest, you can access the guest-only bar/lounge, which feels like a library from a hipster downton abbey, has a gorgeous fireplace (always burning in the winter), and opens up to the courtyard. Best secret – Locanda Verde, one of my favorite restaurants, actually provides room service if you are a guest! And you can get resys at the restaurant much more easily if you are a guest! Locanda has the most amazing ricotta – savory at dinner, and sweet at brunch. I can’t wait for another special occasion to stay there again!

  8. I live across the street from the hotel which is located in Tribeca. This place is a celebrity haven. We see celebs leaving there almost every other week. Really cool understated vibe as is the The Crosby Street Hotel. Locanda Verde – the restaurant un-related to The Greenwich Hotel is good too – which you’ve mentioned. The chef there is a hit in NYC – Andrew Carmellini.

  9. YES, to the restaurant only. Our A+ directors like to stay here, it is expensive, $600/night. The restaurant is un-be-lievable. We ate our way around New York last time we were there and this was our best meal hands down. The pasta is incredible and even the appetizer bread you know, the kind that you usually just ignore was a fine toasted focaccia with a thinly sliced tomato on top. Drool. Forget it, going there on Wednesday again.

    Also I might have been extra generous reviewer ’cause the waiter comped our wine.

    If you’re a nerd like me, the Ghostbusters headquarters is around the corner so hit that up too for a good instagram op.

  10. Locanda Verde is UNBELIEVABLE. The past 5 times i’ve been in NYC that has been a must-eat dinner spot. Actually, one of the last times we were there, the reservations were running a little behind so we took refuge in the lobby of the hotel, and while sitting with a glass of wine waiting, we noticed dozens of men dressed in all black with earbud speakers/headphones. Secret Service! Turns out Joe Biden was having a party in the private room of LV – quite the spectacle. Saw his daughter being followed to the washroom by 3 different agents. Can you imagine? Needless to say, we certainly felt safe eating there that night. That said, at this restaurant or in that lobby, you’re destined to see some sort of celebrity.

    ps: everyone above me is spot on with having to order the Sheeps Milk Ricotta crostini – i’m drooling thinking about it!

  11. Just sayin, if you do one of your classes on anything, sign me up now. We could all bunk in that penthouse, right!
    Locanda Verde is on my list!!!!

  12. I used to live across the street when they were building the hotel. I was dying over the huge window in the penthouse. You should see how big it is! Amazing space. The hotel is beautiful and a great location for not-as-touristy New York visitors!

  13. Looks very Parisian, but with quirky decorating touches that you wouldn’t find there. Love the wood, the rugs, the colors, the cozy furniture. So going to stay here the next time I visit New York! Thanks, Erin, for the tip!

  14. had a work event there last year… it is FABULOUS. the suites are amazing, the service is unparalleled. they have a complimentary mercedes sedan that will take guests anywhere below 23rd street. they have the best snack baskets in rooms that are also complimentary. you must try!!

  15. I will take every last one of the light fixtures pictured in this post and a plate of the Bolognese, please.

  16. Hey Erin – you have been having “melt down” over a chandelier for your dining room. Well, I think you found it without even knowing. The studio suite at The Greenwich Hotel, (your second shot above) has a chandelier that would be amazing in your dining room. Just love…..I would change out the shades to something a little more funky to give it more of an edge!

  17. The Greenwich was my introduction to NY, and what a first impression! After hours and hours flying there from Australia, it was the most amazing place – ever. The room, the bathroom, the steam room and swimming pool, the courtyard, the food basket, all we’re fabulous! Also THE MOST amazingly comfortable bed I have ever been in. So beautiful. I dream of going back there some day. I was spoilt rotten those two days, worth EVERY penny.

  18. If anyone knows or can find out what brand of bedding they use I will be forever grateful! Like it was woven by angels.

  19. Stayed there in November and it was worth every single penny. The bell boys dress in Barbour coats, the staff is incredibly friendly and the pool area is a little oasis in the city. To boot, Bradley Cooper was there having breakfast in the private study one morning. Book a room – you won’t regret it.

  20. LV is fantastic. We have breakfast meetings there all the time and the service is great. I haven’t spotted any celebrities but that may be because we’re there so early. I have to agree with another reviewer, The Crosby Street hotel is also nice. We’ve held a couple of events there and the food was terrific. Plus I love the decor.

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