Holiday Recap// Kitchen Update

Now that we are home from Aruba the holidays feels REALLY over and it’s back to reality.  So here’s a quick snapshot of my holiday (follow me on Instagram to see more):

Connecticut. Fires. Wine. Presents. Etc.

Some celebration.  Book deals tend to entice one to imbibe in such activities.


This view. For 8 days. 85 degrees, constant trade winds and lots of old, terrifyingly tan foreigners in very small swimwear.

Time with these smiley faces (Andrew, his sister and her INCREDIBLE daughter. No seriously, you would die she is so cute).

Spent the last two days of vacay laid out with some sort of flu/cold situation.  Now Andrew’s got it too.

And then we came home at midnight Saturday after a 10 hour trip while sick to…..BAM! No more kitchen!!!!! The Wellbuilt crew tore all that crap out while we were sunning ourselves on the beach!

It’s amazing how much more spacious it feels already and we’re just past the demo phase!  It’ll be a quick 4-5 more weeks until it’s completed! So off we go my peeps- brand new kitchen COMIN’ AT YA! My cabinets are being finished up now by the AMAZING folks at Vermont Custom Cabinetry. Seriously, these guys are so awesome and totally dedicated to this project.

Stay tuned!!!


  1. Erin,
    I wish I could have flown my coop during our renovation. Instead, I had to hunker down, nudge our twins with college applications and now, with all that behind me – one twin asked last night in our new kitchen….(home from college) “So, was it worth it?” Answer TOTALLY!
    I can’t wait to see your cabinets and your tan line too!
    Stay warm.

  2. First off- I am so terribly thrilled for your book deal (for you mostly- but selfishly for me as well because I CANNOT wait to read it!!) Love your writing skillz;), admire your work ethic, and envy your design esthetic- it will be BRILLIANT!

    Second- can’t wait to see that kitchen remodel- so so so exciting!!

  3. Erin – That’s such a bummer that you got sick on vacation. But at least you came home to excitement. Hopefully you’re on the mend. I can’t wait for the progress updates on the kitchen reno!


  4. The fireplace screen was left to us by the original owner of the first house Erin’s Dad and I bought some 35 years ago. It was an antique then so by now…….priceless!

  5. I am so excited about your renovation! I seriously cannot wait to see the results. Hope you and hubby are better now.

  6. Erin! Can you please let us know where you got that most amazing fireplace screen!? I’ve never seen anything like it and I totally need it!!! It’s perfect

  7. Just signed up for Instagram so I could follow and all the pages are blank! What in the heck am I doing wrong?

  8. Hi! I’ve recently discovered your blog while you were on your sunny holiday. It looked marvelous!! I love the pic of your fireplace, the garland is adorable.

  9. Totally, off topic, noticed your sweet “white” puppers. How do you keep their coats & eyes so clean? My pup gets the worst eye stains eva.
    Any puppy beauty tips, much appreciated.

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