From the Sick Bay

Andrew and I both feel like death warmed over YET we can’t stay home in bed because 1) we have contractors working here all day 2) we’ve been gone for 8 days and have so much work to do. To say we are miserable is an understatement.  I know many of you out there share in our ill health so here are some things to help make you sick days a little more stylish (if that’s even remotely possible).

1. A cute pill box to keep your cold medication bedside.

2. The best looking humidifiers I’ve ever seen. I need one SO BAD.

3. Monogrammed tissue box cover. Cuteness. Also on my NEED list.

4. The series DVD set of SATC for some old school entertainment. Andrew gave me this years ago for Xmas and he said my reaction was on par with when he presented me with a diamond ring. Truth.

5. The funniest Jackie O sunglasses sleep mask. I got Andrew the red Ray Ban version for Xmas.

6. I’ve been chain-sucking honey cough drops.

7. Sweatpants go hand in hand with sickness, don’t they?


  1. I finally invested in one of those humidifiers and while they are cute the tank is so ridiculously small you end up having to fill it every hour or so.

  2. I love those humidifiers… but happy I read Kathryn’s comment above before I ordered one :) That definitely wouldn’t work to run overnight! I also have grey nike sweatpants very similar to the ones above – love that they’re a little form fitting but still comfortable. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Pottery Barn has a monogrammed linen tissue cover for only $21. I ordered this last year in white with grey monogram, and it’s a lovely addition to my dressing table.

  4. Feel better! I am addicted to the tissue covers available on headtotoe2009 boutique on! Monograms are beautiful-so many choices. $30 i think. Also can get covers in beautiful, fun, elegant, chic- you name it fabrics for $11. they are reversible too! Christy the designer is so nice!

  5. My boyfriend gave me the Sex and the City DVD set for Christmas a couple of years ago. I made him sit through the entire series every night the following week. He’s also from New York so when he’s missing the big city, he actually suggests we watch it instead of me :)

  6. feel better! there is nothing like sex and the city to cheer you up when you’re under the weather.
    and i just love the jonathan adler “dolls” pill box…totally reminds me of “valley of the dolls.”

  7. I always watch my SATC DVDs when I’m sick! And those are humidifiers? I have to have one! I’m tired of our big klunky ugly thing.

  8. I hope you both feel better soon. I love your choices for stylish illness! I’m going to get the sunglasses sleep mask – much better than the one I currently use. As for the DVD box set – I had a similar reaction when my brother gave me the complete set of The West Wing this year. I think I startled him with my unbridled enthusiasm! I would’ve had the same reaction to SATC! Be well.

  9. Ohhhhh I can feel your pain. I have PTSD just bringing up past memories similar to yours! As I was starting my total kitchen demo (yes I did a majority of it to save money), my BF of 4 years broke up with me. The pain helped with the demo process :) but living without a kitchen for 2 months sucked. Then when the cabinets arrive, I was diagnosed with cancer. Yes, believe that one. No kitchen, big time construction mess/dust/noise, new diagnosis and newly dumped. I made it, the kitchen rocks and the guy was a dumbass! It will all work out :) Keep your head up and have a sense of humor my friend

  10. When my sister presented me with SATC box-set I screamed so loud you would of thought I was at Oprah’s car giveaway special! I would add my bright red popcorn bowl that list of things one needs when they are sick:) Feel better! xo

  11. I am all over those overpriced gray sweatpants and “Sex and the City” series. Seeing Carrie Bradshaw’s awesome style makes everything better. Hope you are feeling better soon! :-)

  12. Rest up and get better, lady!! I too, had a similar reaction when the Mr. presented me with the same gift a few years back. Get well soon!

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