Fashion Friday: What I’m Wearing

I’ve been reading Parisian Chic by the pool while in Aruba and it’s inspired me a little to dress simply and comfortably.  So I pulled together this outfit for dinner one night and felt slightly more Parisian.  A nude silk blouse un-tucked with white denim and simple leather wedges and a statement clutch (the one I’ve been coveting is finally MINE!)  We come home tomorrow… to a completely demo’d kitchen. EEEEEKKKKS.

silk blouse-J.Crew (old) similar here // jeans- COH // shoes- J. Crew (old) similar here // clutch- Claire Vivier // sunglasses- Tom Ford // bracelet- J.Crew // earrings- Hyla Dewitt (old) similar here


  1. Very cute! Love the outfit… going see if that J. Crew bracelet is still available! :) Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see your new kitchen!

  2. I love your fashion posts. You wear clothes so well! I know they’re not your favorite posts to do but they make my day!

  3. You look stunning, but yes, still comfortable. Such a classy outfit! and THAT CLUTCH!! love it. Enjoy your last bit of vacation!

  4. Just discovered Parisian Chic at Anthro last weekend and could not put it down! It is helping me with my resolution to refresh my wardrobe. Super chic ensemble!

  5. Gees, gal…you ROCKED Parisian!! Bet this is one of the few times you’ve “looked forward” to traveling back from ARUBA!! :) franki

  6. Note to self: come spring, pair emerald green Blythe blouse with my white jeans.

    (My leopard print JCrew sweater also looks great with white jeans. What doesn’t work with white jeans…?)

  7. Erin I know you have posted in the past about being super self conscious with these outfit posts but they are always my fave! You look super chic, adorable outfit and what is most important, the amazing smile!

  8. longtime reader, rare commenter (sorry) but i just had to tell you how gorgeous you look! that outfit looks perfect on you.

    also – i got that clutch for hanukkah, its amazing!

    hope you have a great time!

  9. You look gorgeous, as always!
    I’m off to Aruba in a few weeks. It’s one of my favorite places in that world. That sand! That water! Love…..

    Hope you had a great time!

  10. You look fantastic! I swear, you need to do some hair how-to posts. It always looks perfect!

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  11. That outfit shows no signs of any sort of demolition going on….miles away.
    Are you sure you want to go home? Enjoy the calm, cool, collected you~

  12. Effortless chic! You look so fantastic! FYI, I am now obsessing over the clutch as well! Anniversary in one month, fingers crossed that he gets the hint. Safe travels, Beth

  13. LOVED the past outfit posts you’ve done and I love this one! Would love to see more of how you style outifts yourself!

  14. Love this ensemble! I file these bits of dry clean only inspiration away for the future, when I’m not covered in baby drool and other gross baby related things 98% of the time;)

  15. I’m sorry but that’s not Parisian. That’s more American and didn’t you say you were not going to do this anymore?

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