Fashion Friday: Shoemint Giveaway!

Who doesn’t want a new pair of shoes? C’mon! I never was a shoe girl…until recently.  All of the sudden I find myself coveting all sorts of kicks- those I can’t even fathom affording and those I can buy in bulk.  But most of my shoes fall in the in between, which is why I’m psyched to have discovered Shoemint.  Each pair is $79.98 (when not on sale, which a lot are right now) and exclusive to the site. And today I get to give away a pair to THREE lucky readers- any pair you wish! Just sign up for Shoemint and leave a comment with the pair you want and I’ll pick three winners next week!

(I have these wedge booties below and they are awesome.)

Here’s a little outfit base don a cool pair of Shoemint boots I’m loving- and this fur trimmed style anorak is the jacket on EVERY girl in Manhattan, I swear.

jeans // necklace // shirt // glasses // boots // scarf // jacket

226 Responses to “Fashion Friday: Shoemint Giveaway!”

  1. Dandi says:

    Love the Garbo heels in white!

  2. Margaret M says:

    I have had my eye on the sophia wedge!! love the colors!

  3. Margarita says:

    Obsessed with Nelle boots!

  4. emily anne-marie says:

    love shoemint and i love the hillary flat!!

  5. Dana says:

    Love the Bridget shoe in leopard.

  6. lacy says:

    wedge booties w foldover top- could use them for work. i have all brown shoes and need black!

  7. patricia says:

    I love the wedge booties!

  8. Erica W says:

    love the Garbo heels -they are hot

  9. Heike says:

    Love the suki boots and mary flats!

  10. I had my eyes on the gold toed emerald flats!!

  11. Diplospice says:

    Esther in either taupe or leopard pony. Or both!

  12. Angelina says:

    The stripey heeled wedges are so cute!

  13. Cathy says:

    I adore the herringbone flats!

  14. Lubka K. says:

    I love Holly boots. Thanks

  15. Thu says:

    Suki boots are amazing!

  16. Christina Ceballos says:

    Obsessed with the Mia Pump in Nude!

  17. Sandy L says:

    I’m loving the Francoise in black! So edgy and sleek!

  18. Angela Williams says:

    Bianca in nude

  19. Lily Liang says:

    I love the Francoise boots and the Holly boots! Probably would go with the Francoise since they are so stunning!

  20. Rebecca says:


    Thank you for this chance. These shoes are beautiful…

    I’d really like to win:
    in Black

    Thank you!!! :)

  21. Elizabeth says:

    Those wedge heels are simply adorable!

  22. Elizabeth says:

    Although I would probably go for the grey boots for this time of year..

  23. Christina C says:

    I like Holly in brown.

  24. Signed up! Love shoe looking! I really like the Emery

  25. Dana A says:


  26. Jessamer Abing says:

    Super inlove with this one: