What A Year It’s Been (& A Big Announcement!)

This was one heck of a year for me.  A lot of milestones, both personally and professionally, punctuated 2012 making it one I will not soon forget. We bought our first real house in the burbs and as I write this our kitchen is being demolished making way for a clean, fresh (and stylish) start in 2013 for us in our new home we are working towards making our dream home.  I’m so glad I can share the steps with you on our journey and know that this year will be a big one for Casa Gates! Feeling settled (finally) in one place really is one of the most soothing things for me and leaves me one less thing to worry about this year.  That whole “where are we gonna live” conversation was getting really old.

A shot a few great magazine features in 2012 too- one for Better Homes & Gardens of our last apartment that will come out this spring that’s adorable and let’s not forget Oprah. Bucket list item #2 checked off- I MET OPRAH. I mean, that’s enough for one year right? But on top of that I got to experience an overwhelmingly “big time” photo shoot in NYC for O Magazine and IKEA (I’m in the February 2013 issue too!) and then go to LA for a week to shoot a commercial for IKEA (airing in February 2013 too!)   I will never forget pulling up to the set and seeing all the trailers and people and equipment and shaking my head in amazement.  And then getting to speak at and experience the O You! Conference was another mind-bender! Absolute insanity.

I got to work on some INCREDIBLE homes with even more incredible clients who make doing my job a pleasure.  So many new friends came into my life this way and I hope that they are as happy with their new spaces as I am to have been allowed to be a part of their lives in creating them.  You’ll be seeing more images of my designs for others in 2013 for sure, and I was “someone-please-pinch-me” level excited seeing my name and work in one of my all time favorite magazines, InStyle in January! Craziness!

I also could never have predicted the reaction I got to my post on beauty- nor that it would be bought and published by Ladies Home Journal!  I received so many beautiful, emotional and touching comments and e-mail about my story that it nearly brought me to tears.  I felt so overwhelmed to find out how not alone I am, and that I had the ability to help others feel not alone too.

And that leads me to the big one.  The announcement I’ve been waiting to share with you.

I capped of 2012 with one of the biggest accomplishments of my career thus far.  Something I have always dreamed of doing and something I could never have done without YOU.  My amazing, dedicated, fantastic readers who still surprise me everyday when you take time out of your busy lives to check in with me and see what I have to say.  Even nearly 6 years after starting this blog I am still in awe of that and I could never, ever truly express my gratitude to you fully. So I am beyond excited to tell you that right before Christmas I officially landed a deal with Simon & Schuster to publish a book in fall of 2014!!!!!

Can you even believe it? Because I sure can’t.

It’s going to be a new concept in an interior and style book in that it will be combination of inspiration and guidance along with a personal narrative- just like my blog tends to be.  Creating a home is such a reflection of our life stories, I want to make this book a strong reflection of that- approaching the process with humor, humility and a sense of fun.  I’d love to hear what you’d like out of the book as well, so please, PLEASE share!  I’m so thrilled to get working on it, especially with the truly incredible team at Simon & Schuster who are making this possible.

Thank you. All of you. You’ve helped make my dreams come true.

Love and laughter in 2013 to everyone.

Happy New Year,




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  1. Lindsey says:

    Bravo!! Yahoo!! I am SO excited and cannot wait to read it. xxo

  2. That is fantastic Erin! How exciting you deserve it and I have no doubt your book will be amazing! As I have noted before in a couple of emails to you you are an inspiration and you are the reason that I started my blog back in October! What a way to start the New Year!!!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Congratulations Erin! Looking forward to the book and all you will accomplish in the new year. Wishing you happiness and success in 2013!

  4. oh my gosh I am so excited for you. 2012 has been such a year for you but this is only just the beginning for you. I can’t wait to see your ikea commercial in 2013 and see where you go from there. I can only imagine this is the start of something wonderful for you. I can’t wait for your book.

  5. Hannah says:

    Congrats Erin! I can’t wait to check out your book, and see how the kitchen turns out. Happy New Year!

  6. Congratulations on the book deal! Well deserved girl! I will be the first one to pre-order it! I hope 2013 is just as exciting for you as 2012. Happy New Year!

  7. Amy L. says:

    Congratulations, Erin! Well deserved. When can I pre- order? : )

  8. What great news for you! Congrats on all the success. One of the reasons I love your blog, is because it makes the seemingly “high design of celebs” seem very attainable for us normal people. Whether hearing of new artists or designers, how to mix high and low, or how to furnish your place with “off the rack” items. Definitely include those pieces in your book – and it will be a best seller! Good luck!

  9. Vanessa says:

    Congrats Erin!!! Your news (and your year!) is so so exciting!!! I’m ecstatic that you’ve done so well. Your blog was one of the very first I ever read and one of only a few that I still check daily. You work so hard and absolutely deserve all of this success.
    Congrats again!!!!!
    xo Vanessa

  10. CONGRATS! So many accomplishments to be proud of but a book deal is HUGE. Happy New Years Eve!

  11. Halley says:

    A big congratulations, a book deal is HUGE! I am thinking I’ll be seeing your book on the best sellers list in 2013!

  12. Amy says:

    Congratulations! That’s incredible news! I wish I could pre-order right now! Your blog has been a favorite of mine for a few years so I am sure your book will be just as inspiring… Can’t wait!

  13. Julia says:

    What a fantastic and well-deserved opportunity – congratulations! I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now, and after this news I have every intention of reading your forthcoming book. Best wishes and Happy New Year!

  14. Megan says:

    Congratulations Erin!! That is such exciting and well deserved news! I absolutely love your blog – it was one of the first I ever started reading and it’s always the first one I check in the AM. Your blog & achievements are such an inspiration – I hope to start my own blog this year :) Wishing you all the best – can’t wait for the book!

  15. Rachel says:

    That’s amazing news. What a great way to wrap up 2012. Congrats!!

  16. Sue Erneta says:

    Bravo Erin!
    I’m so proud to say that LHJ published you first and it’s no surprise to me to hear that you got this awesome deal. You are such a talented designer but also a very talented writer.
    Now we all have to wait until 2014! :(
    Until then, we have Elements of Style!

  17. Christina says:

    Count me in as one of the first in West Michigan to score me a copy. Your blog was the first I had ever read and followed, and its the first thing I log into every morning all these years later. So happy for you, Erin!

  18. Melissa says:


  19. CONGRATULATIONS ERIN! How very exciting and well deserved. It is so fun watching from ‘the sidelines’ as your career skyrockets! With your wonderful point of view, incredibly relatable voice and brilliant sense of style — the book will no doubt be ‘amaze-balls!’

  20. Maggie says:


  21. Congratulations Erin (and Andrew)! Can’t wait to follow your book progress. I’m sure it will be a top pick on next years Christmas list!
    Hope you’re soaking up all the warm sunshine.
    Happy New Year

  22. alison g. says:

    It’s so incredible – huge congratulations! I can’t wait to see it all unfold! Happy New Year!

  23. Natasha says:

    Congratulations! All accomplishments are truly exciting and I hope you get to enjoy every bit of the experience.

  24. Kate says:

    That is FANTASTIC news!

  25. Sabrina Linn says:

    Congratulations Erin, a well deserved opportunity that I’m sure you will make fantastic!

  26. SO amazing- doing a book is I think, the biggest accomplishment there is- such a dream come true- congrats!!!!

  27. Kimberly says:

    Congratulations, Erin!

  28. Cris Angsten says:

    Congratulations! So much excitement, and happy for you to be settled in your own home finally! I have lost count of how many times you have had to move in the past few years, and cannot wait to see you new kitchen. Love your style, your humor, your insights and thank you for being so inspirational to me.

  29. Chris says:

    Congratulations!! You are off to an excellent start for a wonderful new year. So happy for you!

  30. Cameron says:

    We are SO happy for you out here on the West Coast and so proud of you!

  31. Jennyg says:

    Happy New Year and a big congrats to my fav blog girl ever!!! I’m so excited for you and I will for sure be one of your first book buyers in Chicago!!! I love everything you do and can’t wait to see what inspires you when you create a design for a client…is it their vision combined with yours? How do you make this work?
    Best wishes for 2013
    From a humble reader/fan!!!!

  32. Sita says:

    Congrats on the book! Can’t wait to have it in my hands. Your narrative is exception, humbling, hilarious and reasonable. I think your book should be too. Xo

  33. Congrats! That’s so fantastic!

  34. bethany says:

    ERIN GATE – YOU DID IT!!! Congrats to you and your family and team! What an accomplishment. I cannot wait to see your book in the future!

  35. Ivy Lane says:

    Congratulations! Amazing! Happy New Year! :)

  36. Jody says:

    Yay!!! You are my very fav style blogger and I check your site every day! I can not wait for your book! In the mean time, I will just have to watch your home style unfold,,,

  37. Erin says:

    Congrats! May 2013 truly be the best year yet for all:)

  38. Maura says:

    Erin that’s fantastic – I’m so happy for you!!! That is great news! I love your sense of style and your thoughtful/thought provoking, humble, funny and totally approachable online “voice”. You have been my favorite go-to style guru/blogger and expert on all things fabulous throughout the years! I look forward to reading your blog everyday with my cup of coffee and cannot wait to read your book once it is published!

    Wishing you more good things ahead in 2013 – hope you and Andrew have a great New Years Eve!

  39. Jaimie Camesano says:

    Congratulations Erin! Very well deserved — great news to end 2012 on. Thanks for continuing to share your life with us.

  40. Anna says:

    YIPPEE!!!! What an accomplishment Erin, CoNGrAdUlATiOnS!!!! Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

  41. Kat says:

    Congratulations Erin! I recently started following your blog and am now super excited for the book. If I can give some advice on the book it would be that I think a book should focus on one consistent narrative. As compared to a daily blog where you can post vastly different concepts from day to day or tackle different styles, a book should have more flow or consistency. Also with the vast design blogosphere it is easy to see someone’s mood boards or photos, but what would be great is thoughts on the design process. How to choose fabrics. What size ratios to take into account etc. Things that may not come across well on a blog but that you will have the space to flesh out in a book.

    Happy new year and hope 2013 is merry and wonderful.

  42. Caroline says:

    Congrats! One thing I love about your blog is that you are approachable AND aspirational. I hope your book can keep that balance. xo

  43. jess@COOP says:

    Good for you! I think it is well deserved and look forward to reading it.

  44. Donna Seger says:

    Congratulations! This really has been a big year for you, and I wish you continued success in the New Year.

  45. Shelley says:

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to buy your book! I read your blog faithfully. I love your impeccable, confident style, but I think your readers connect to your struggles. You always remind me to have a sense of humor, and Andrew adds a great perspective. Best wishes and continued success!

  46. Rebecca says:

    Congratulations + well deserved!

  47. Leslie says:

    CONGRATS, Erin!! You are a wonderful inspiration and I look forward to reading your book! You are one of the few blogs I have continued to read over the years. While a lot of other fashion/interior/style bloggers have gotten away from being authentic, you have stayed true to yourself. Your voice–full of honesty, humor and grace–is what keeps me coming back. Please don’t change that–it’s what keeps you such a fresh voice (well, blog!) in a sea of others that have gotten so superficial and stale.

    As for what I’d like to see in the book? Definitely your point of view in context….I’m sure I’m not the only reader that would love to see your style in the context of your own life–your home, where you shop, where you spend time, etc (with pics included, of course!). Also, one thing you do better than anyone is scale your recs (whether it’s home goods, fashion, etc) for various price points and lifestyles. As a working mom who attempts to keep some semblance of style, this means a lot. I would love to see these ideas further incorporated into your book.

    THANK YOU for being such a pleasure to read. I look forward to hearing of all your adventures to come. Happy New Year! I raise my glass of Clicquot to you!

  48. Jenny gray says:

    Congratulations Erin! All of your successes are well deserved. Thank you for being so dedicated to your blog as I’m sure you’ve had to make sacrifices in other areas in order to publish a post daily. I’m sure that your dedication will be rewarded with amazing book sales from your readers! Cheers!

  49. Danielle says:

    Congrats on your book deal!!! I’m super excited for your book! I have been a daily reader for a couple of years, and always love your hearing about your great ideas, new projects, and chic sources for the home and beyond. I already know that my friends and fam all better be ready to receive the new Erin Gates book for Christmas 2014.

    Congrats and Good Luck!!

  50. Caroline says:

    Oh wow, 2012 has indeed been a huge year for you!! That is so exciting about the book – I cannot wait to read it!!! Congratulations! :) I think a personal narrative will be the best part about it… I love how you are so open and honest on your blog & hope to see that in the book as well!