AccessoriesDecember 12, 2012

Some Budget Friendly Etsy Art!

It’s good to be an art collector these days. And by art collector I don’t mean the “Oh, come check out my new Matisse in the powder room” type of collector (although I’m sure they are having a rockin’ time too) but those of us who just love art and buy from smaller, lesser known people thanks to outlets such as Etsy! Here are some of my new favorite finds on the site:

I am NUTS about these small abstracts by seller Lauren Adams Art. Like, OBSESSED.  They add such a great touch of color- and are best when frames with wide mats as shown for extra drama!

I’ve used two large scale sea photographs in homes recently and these by seller Tricia McKellar are fantastic affordable versions!  When printed on a large scale they are so peaceful and yet modern.

More abstracts from seller Pamela Munger that don’t break the bank but allow you to add original art to your home!

Some gorgeous photography of animals and ballet dancers from seller Heather Leibler.

These prints (and one original painting which is a little LESS affordable) are from seller Aeropagita.  They would be so fabulous in a child’s room!

Hoe fantastic are these pet portraits from seller Kate Pugsley??? I absolutely am about to fall of the sofa in glee over these faces! I must get some done of Bax and Ollie since I have such an unhealthy obsession with my pups.

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