My Xmas Wish Lists

TO: Santa

Cc: Andrew, Mom, Dad, Secret Admirers


1. DYING for new gold flatware.

2. Have always wanted a copy of this book. Mostly for display.

3. Love these monogrammed night shirts!

4. Adore the fit of the Dream turtleneck— and it’s on SALE now!

5. Can you believe I, of all people, do not own a leopard clutch? I know, it’s ridiculous.

6. Need me some new riding boots.

7. Love the sequin birds on this J.Crew tee. Long story, but reminds me of my maiden name: Tubridy= Two Birdie… nevermind.

8. A big abstract painting for my bedroom.

9. REALLY want a pretty bottle stopper since there is ALWAYS an open bottle of red on our counter.

10. Isn’t this necklace AMAZE? With a simple black dress or top it would make an outfit.

11. I have wanted this lamp FOR-EVER (this probably should be on the next board).

12. My most stylish friend was carrying this tote yesterday on our shoot with a pink monogram added and it is the COOLEST for toting gym stuff around (or samples).

13. Want some big, ridiculous blingy studs in clear or emerald.

14. I need a new weekender bag (because I hate checking my bag)- this one from J. McLaughlin looks really expensive and feels super durable!


1. I saw these Tiffany studs in the catalog and gasped. Something about them is so pretty, funky and simple all at once.

2. These Valentino flats are lady like and bad ass at the same time.

3. CELINE BAG. ALWAYS. FOREVER. Even though it’s SO heavy and would probably cut all circulation off to my arm sending me running for an MRI because I would think I had some horrible ailment thanks to a Web MD self diagnosis. This actually happened to me before and if you didn’t already think I was ridiculous, well…. you’re welcome. (P.S. I would also happily accept the much cheaper Pashli tote, just sayin’)

4. I have decided that the Hermes blanket is akin to asking for a pony your whole childhood.  You know it’s probably not going to happen but you keep asking until one day you grow out of it.

5. Goyard wallet (with an added monogram, of course).

6. I miss my green smoothies. I want a Vitamix for my new kitchen, everyone says they are life changing.

7. A Rick Owens leather jacket. This would never come off my body.

8. I super love this Arteriors light for my dining room (maybe, might be too big, not sure). But it’s one of those pieces that makes a room truly special.

9. Cheetah stair runner like this one from an old Domino (side note: Andrew will never allow this). And another puppy (I would name her Jackie O and the world would all be right).

10. LEONTINE LINENS BEDDING. I would die. And my dogs would get it dirty and then I’d lose my mind.

11. This photograph by Lisa Cueman for above my sofa.  I am in love with her work and have bought it for a client, but this one has my heart.



  1. Fabulous list(s). I LOVE that necklace and am also dying for a Lisa Cueman piece. Her work is beautiful!! Ditto on the cheetah stair runner…stunning.

    Hope Santa is good to you.


  2. I’m with you. I have a practical list (boring) and dream list featuring some Reed Krakoff and a little Hermes as well. Sigh. Hope you get at least a little something from each wish list!

  3. I am very interested in the Dream Turtleneck and the tee with sequinned birds, but when I clicked the links, it took me to a site that is available by invitation only, and exclusively for “top tier style publishers”. How does a mere mortal, such as myself, gain access to tantalizing, but realistic, goodies such as these?

  4. dude. the vitamix WILL change your life. best six hundo ever spent (lol or put on the credit card).

    i think i’ve had mine 3 years…just think: no more $10 smoothies! now you can make your own! and they (most of the time) taste better than the ones at the smoothie place.

    i upleveled with the chrome. it’s hotness. :)

    happy xmas! hope you get lots of those goodies!

  5. Love your lists. So fun to daydream. Many of the things on your real wish list would have to end up on my dream list. My family would laugh out loud if I even hinted at $350 boots. But still it’s fun to see what other people are lusting after. Hope you get a lot of the goodies…you’re lucky with giving parents and an attentive husband so you probably will have a plentiful bounty under your tree:)

  6. Love everything on your hallucination list and have now pinned most of them in hopes my husband stalks my Pinterest.

  7. With respect to the marble and brass lamp (#11 on your list), I’d recommend seeing it in person (if you haven’t already) before you pull the trigger. I bought it for my girlfriend and it’s significantly larger than I expected (even though I had measured it all out of beforehand – it’s a really substantial piece).

  8. random, but seeing your great gift ideas reminds me that i miss your favorite product roundups! any chance you’ll bring them back? or am i the only makeup/lotion/product hoarder out there…

  9. LOVE that you called it the Hallucination List. Perfecto.
    Now for all you Vitamix tribesters, can somebody please explain? I want to know the advanced skinny, like how you make hot soup right in the Vitamix. Thanks!

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