Kitchen Update + Cultivate Giveaway!

So we are counting the days until our dated, creaky kitchen is demolished and my vision for the new space begins to become a reality.  I don’t even know how I will deal with having a dishwasher and disposal again!!!! Never mind a new fridge and gas range! EEEEKKKKS! January 2nd is the day we start and we hop to have it all done by early/mid February (including re-staining ALL our floors dark walnut!)

The process has not been easy- making decisions for myself, especially on this scale, is BEYOND difficult.  I knew basically what I wanted but the devil is in the details!  Like picking a grey for the base cabinets! Holy crap, you would have thought I was trying to solve the Middle East peace crisis! I often would melt down into “Carrie Mathison Face” while painting yet ANOTHER swatch on the old doors wailing “whhhyyyy can’t I find a neutral grey, Saul? Whyyyyy?” (If you don’t watch Homeland a) you won’t get that and b) WHY AREN’T YOU WATCHING HOMELAND YOU CRAZY PERSON????)

All Benjamin Moore: Grey Huskie (out of running because it turned purple),Cape May Cobblestone (finalist), Secret (finalist), Platinum Grey (finalist), Storm (too blue)

So we are really down to the three in the middle and of those it appears Cape May Cobblestone is the winner.  Secret is amazing and looks awesome with our hardware BUT the floors are going to be dark and the upper cabinets and wall tile white and I don;t want it to feel bottom heavy.

We are working with Sygma Stone for our counters and we found our winner this weekend: meet our new countertop, Miss White Macaubas (aka Bianco Macabas aka Luce de Luna). A gorgeous Brazilian quartzite that is as durable as granite but looks more like marble.  And costs twice as much as marble. BUT our kitchen is small and I absolutely love it so we’re springing for it.

OMG, I am in love.

Other decisions are the appliances (all Jenn Air, way excited) via Yale Appliances, a GORGEOUS Blanco modern farm sink, a Rohl faucet and my beloved Hicks pendants via Waterspot in Natick, MA… and some delicious matte brass pulls!

Yes, I’m mixing metals. And no that does not bother me.

What I’ve learned about kitchens is that you need to collect a ton of inspiration and then really think hard about function.  A great new place to gather kitchen inspiration is from the great peeps at Williams Sonoma!  Here are some kitchens I found on there that inspire me (and explain why I have had such trouble- I love SO MANY different types of kitchens!)

Need some help sorting through styles (and want a $200 gift certificate for any WS store?) The take the Cultivate style quiz and post your results in the comments and have a chance to win one!!!

My result was Transitional- which is totally on target. How about you?


  1. My username mh_1
    It said my style was Modern which is so not me. I took it again and it said traditional!

  2. My style was transitional, and I love the Cape May Cobblestone. Grey is so hard …. I was DETERMINED to use Revere Pewter but it was soooo purple on my walls, while Edgecomb Grey was perfect on my walls but on the paint chip it was completely beige. So weird. I really enjoy your posts and think you have THE BEST sense of humor about your renovations!

  3. I also mixed metals i.e. rubbed bronze pendants with nickel pulls. I opted for an undermount sink as I had clients with a farmhouse sink and complained about water splashing over onto the floor. Chose a single basin white porcelain (I also mixed my appliance finishes with white and stainless but due to the layout it worked in my kitchen…you can see it on my blog) Love the gray you chose

  4. Transitional. Not at all a surprise. I loved the definition they gave: “Timeless, refined, and sophisticated, this style is for those who are more daring than traditional design but still love a good nod to the past. A harmonious blend of simple, modern lines with classic elements, this style often attracts people who love serene settings with a tailored dose of style.” Thanks for the giveaway. Can’t wait to see your new kitchen!

  5. My style was transitional.
    I moved into a 100-year-old home on the North Shore of Long Island a few months ago, and it desperately needs a new kitchen. Your renovation diary is an inspiration!

  6. Your kitchen style is: Transitional!

    Timeless, refined, and sophisticated, this style is for those who are more daring than traditional design but still love a good nod to the past.

  7. Gees, you even have me “so excited” for your kitchen reveal… Your selections are so “well thought out” (I know, agonizing!) The visuals take me off to “wish land!” Luck! franki

  8. I was transitional too. I am in the middle of a kitchen renovation as well and enjoy seeing your ideas and inspiration on the blog! Thanks!

  9. My style is traditional. I’m looking into making some changes to my kitchen. I live in a where everyone’s kitchen is essentially the same. I’ve never really felt my kitchen was spacious, we have weird angles in our house and have an oversized island that was put in my the builders. Cultivate is a great resource.

  10. I appreciated the quiz – that was fun! It says I am transitional which is right on – especially liked the description that referenced “harmonious blend of simple, modern lines with traditional and classic design elements.” My username is mmwalsh22. Great resource for inspiration – thanks!

  11. Transitional. Took it twice with the same result. I think it’s pretty accurate for me, but anything’s better than what I’ve got in my kitchen right now!

  12. I got contemporary..which is not me as all. Oh well! :) Can’t wait to see your finished kitchen. And I like the cape may cobblestone color too…secret would be too dark, and the platinum gray is too cool. Just my thoughts though. :)

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