Fashion Friday: Winter Staples + Margaret Elizabeth Discount!

I have two items in my closet I have been wearing to death this winter- a faux fur vest (the black and the brown one I have too) and my Kate Spade Lollipop heels.  Seems that no matter what else I have on, I can pop on these two things and feel instantly dressier and more stylish. I know I have mentioned these heels like 1,000 times but here’s the thing- they are the most comfortable high, high heels I’ve ever worn. I spent a whole day on my feet in them traipsing around NYC the other day, I swear!

I absolutely HATE taking selfies, but here you go. One outfit I wore recently sporting the staples for drinks out with my pal Matt. Please ignore the suitcase on the bed. And yes, I wore camo to a fancy pants restaurant, something I never thought I’d do. But paired with a simple fitted turtleneck and those shoes it worked somehow.

Pants: Zara (they run SO SMALL in the legs- similar pair with more stretch, because these are so tight my feet go numb), Turtleneck: J. Crew, iPhone case: J. Crew, Watch: Michael Kors

I was 100% inspired by the boys from Duck Dynasty, my new addiction. For reals. I would like to hang out with these guys (but not shoot anything).

Just the other night I paired the same staples with my major investment leather leggings, a flannel shirt and piles of gold necklaces. And did not think to make the bed nor clean the room before I took this, clearly. Oliver looks MIGHTY concerned y’all with think I’m a slob. Well… I am. My Mom is no doubt slapping her forehead and saying “Oh Erin…”

Pants: Helmut Lang (really stupid pricey but worth EVERY PENNY- remember from HERE?), Shirt: Jcrew (sold out- similar here),  Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelet: Hermes, Necklaces: J.Crew (sold out- similar here and here) Ann Taylor (old, similar here)

Clearly also inspired by another woodsy fella named Paul Bunyan. What is with me these days? Do I have some deep seeded desire to frolick in the woods?

The only thing this picture says to me is that I have GOT to find time to wax my eyebrows. But also that I love my new Margaret Elizabeth earrings a whole lot.

And her insanely yummy stacking bangles!!!!

Or this SICK pendant. It’s the most amazeballs thing.

Here is a cute Christmas morning (or any winter morning) look that can take you from the sofa to a quick grocery store errand (with a change of shoes of course). Adding a bit of jewelry makes it all the more fun.

1.cardigan 2. denim shirt 3. tank 4. necklace 5. sweatpants 6. scarf 7. glasses 8. slippers



  1. You look smokin’–love both outfits! I am a big fan of adding casual pieces to more dressed up/evening looks…it feels much cooler :)

  2. Absolutely love the earrings! I’m having trouble getting the discount code to work. Anyone else or just me?

  3. Okay you look stunning in both outfits!! You make camo so chic. I have been eyeing those gold toed heels ever since you first revealed your love for them…. I might have to give in soon and get me some. And those bangles are gorgeous – thanks for the discount code!!! Time to go shopping.

  4. omgggg amazing post. Perfect for a Friday morning when I needed inspiration! You lookin rockin in every.single.pic.

  5. I love fashion Fridays!! On Friday morning, I’m always like “YES Erin will be posting about fashion today!” Not that I don’t love your posts every other day too :-) So glad you posted some fashion selfies! You look adorable!

  6. Love the leather leggings!! You have the bod to pull them off, for sure. And thanks for putting together a totally affordable outfit post. I just realized how expensive this Christmas season turned out to be, so it’s refreshing to see some things my surprisingly tiny bank account can afford!

  7. I have the same black fur vest from Banana Republic and it is my FAVORITE purchase this season. I wore it every night while in NYC last week. It goes with everything day and night and feels like heaven! Also have the Kate Spade shoes in the flat version. I WISH I could wear the heels, but I am 6′ in the flats! They are awesome, too, though, and also glam anything day and night.
    Great post Erin!

  8. LOVE this post! I love the ways you styled both outfits! And your hair looks so great like that, I love it all!

  9. A wonderful post… Although, in lieu of what happen
    today in Newtown, CT … One can’t help to feel for the
    whole state CT. Thank you, for all your beautiful post.

  10. I really enjoy your more personal posts like this one. Have been feeling a little turned off by a lot of my former favorite blogs feeling like paid advertisements lately… I know blogs are money makers for a lot of girls but you seem to do it without making it feel that way. Keep up the great work!

  11. I know you’ve said this before and I wholeheartedly agree, you would make a good Southern girl. Duck Dynasty is a fav down here. Entertaining, wholesome television.

  12. Hey!!! I love your blog, I enjoy reading it every morning! Love all the outfits :) I wante dto ask you if you could tell me where you got the rug in the bedroom with the white post bed? I love it, and Im looking for one like it for my room. Thanks

  13. I had to get those Kate Spade shoes after seeing your posts. Just wore them for first time to a party this past weekend….Lots of compliments. They’re fabulous. Thanks for the inspiring pics!

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