Some New Children’s Room Decor Favorites

Children’s room decor need not be cartoonish and juvenile- a great example of this design rule are these amazing prints by Leo Little Lion on Etsy!  How fabulous are they? I love the wallpaper-like quality the patterns have and the font for the names!  Such a fantastic gift for someone who has just had a baby or to decorate the walls of your own nursery!

Look at these adorable little rugs for kids by my friend and studio-mate Jennifer Hill and FizFelts! I think they are amazing for a playroom and even in a kids bathroom in front of the sink!


  1. So cute! I agree with Emily that these are sol lovely they could almost go in any room. Especially if you used a simple word like “Love” or “Home” instead of the name. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my. I’m loving those animal rugs. I’m ordering the medium pig for my girlfriend who has this “thing” for pigs! So…not just for kids! Thanks again for showing me something new…love your blog.

  3. Thanks for sharing these lovely prints for kids’ rooms. They are gorgeous and something that won’t date nor be outgrown right away. Stylish and personalised at the same time!

  4. SO psyched to see this post! Leo (the designer behind Little Leo) is one of our good friends! Agree his takes are a perfect compliment to a sweet, but not too saccharine nursery.

  5. Great Work, I just loved checking the animal rugs, rabbit is looking so cute. You can make some craft work or family tree with color papers and family pics, it looks awesome in kid’s room.

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