On the Hunt

Proof that all things come in cycles- hunter green is back with a vengeance this season both in fashion and interiors.  Once a color I loved in the 80’s and early 90’s (I certainly had hunter green Limited Too mom jeans), the color now has a bit more of a luxe look- especially when paired with gold.  It also happens to be a VERY good color for brunettes to wear specifically- making blah brown look richer and pale skin look more alabaster.  Here’s some inspiration to prove my point:

(Dying over both this Philip Lim bag and Tory Burch one as well.)

I personally am loving hunter green and light dusty pink, which the the scheme for my guest room based on that amazing vintage fabric I found and made into a bolster pillow.  I decided to paint the walls a light pink (Benjamin Moore’s Blanched Coral- awesome) to bring out the pink in the pillow and I love it! I also have a vintage chair that will go in here in a deep, deep green velvet, which I love next to the wall color. Please pardon this completely un-styled camera phone shot:

You get the picture though.  Here are some other ideas to utilize this rich color combo in the home.  Hunter green also pairs amazing with turquoise, camel and LEOPARD!

closet: light/wallpaper/stool/fabric

living room: pillow/ velvet/ lamp/ art


  1. Love the guest bedroom! Looks cozy! I love this color but did not realize it was trendy. We just had our sofa recovered in emerald green velvet and the first time I saw it I jumped up and down and clapped.

  2. When I was 8 or 9, my dad went away on a business trip. As soon as the dust behind his car settled (we had a long dirt driveway and my parents were renting an old farmhouse for $400 a month), my mom pulled out the paint brushes. She had prepared!

    She painted the plaster walls in the living room of our classic four square a deep hunter green that looked gorgeous with the gold and purple upholstered sofa and dark wood upright grand piano.

    Dad was surprised, perhaps a little miffed, when he returned home, but it was so gorgeous he didn’t have much room to argue with her decision.

    The funny part? We couldn’t move that upright grand without him, so my mom left a white square of wall behind it!

  3. Hunter green looks so regal! My mom had our living room and dining room painted Hunter Green in the early 90’s, it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago! I loved Limited Too-it was so cool back then and looked just like the Limited. I remember jeans like that and button covers, neon and vests!

  4. Huge fan of hunter green and that wonderful front door. Blondies can also look great in this color. Tory Burch looks amazing in a hunter green and black lace dress in December issue of Vanity Fair.

  5. Blanched Coral has been our master bedroom color for 6 years.
    “Blanched” enough so it doesn’t scream pink and shy enough that it very quietly suggests a nuance other than white.
    So lovely and sublime.
    My favorite color for trimming is Ben M’s Mountain Peak White, what’s yours?

  6. Just found your blog… love it! I’m also drooling over this color. I’ve got a blazer in this color, but I think it’d take more than a couple glasses of wine to get the guts to paint a room with it… I need to work on my boldness!

  7. Beautiful. We have had our living room’s forest green swatch picked out for two years but have been occupied with our wedding planning since then. Thankfully the wedding is done and now we can start painting this spring – or this winter if it is mild enough!

  8. Love this color and the dusty pink with it. This is the color combo I used for my wedding last fall. The soft pink and rich green and a knockout together.

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