I Want to Go to There: Londolozi

I came across this absolutely drop dread South African game reserve, Londolozi, in this month’s O Magazine and I now have a new goal in life: going HERE.  Not only is going on a safari my top top top travel wishlist item, but the design of this resort is beyond my wildest (pun intended) imagination.  I am so inspired by the interior spaces as much as I am the exterior landscape!

Stop it. Stop it right now with this bathtub scenario. A glass of wine and Ryan Gosling rubbing your shoulders and asking you how your day was and the most perfect moment the earth could conjure up will have just happened.

Modern plus rustic equals fabulous.


Drapes over a tub? Why not. This is heaven after all.

Do you think he’d rip my face off if I snuggled him and put him in bed with me?

Dig this look? Here ya go!

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  1. Oh, wow. I am in. My husband and I went to Africa for 6 weeks when we first knew each other, but we were starving students so we certainly didn’t stay here … looks incredible!!!

  2. If you like that, you should check out Sabi Sabi’s property called Earth Lodge. I went in April and still can’t believe it is real!

  3. Ok, girlfriend, this is hysterical – bc this is the EXACT place T and I went on our honeymoon. And it is INSANE. Clearly you & I need to go back, sans hubbies. Sorry andy! xo

  4. My parents went a few years ago and LOVED it, and my husband and I hope to go next year. Aside from the incredible decor, it is one of the top places in SA for wildlife/safari.

  5. My husband and I went to Londolozi on our honeymoon last May!! It was absolutely as magical (even more so, truly) than it looks in the photos. Not only is the decor to DIE for, the staff is incredible and they somehow manage to perfectly balance allowing guests to feel just the “slightest” bit luxurious and the authenticity of being in the bush on safari. Not going to lie, I sobbed leaving and totally left a little piece of my heart there – it was that amazing.

  6. Oh my goodness. I actually can’t believe how gorgeous this place is! And the pool and the bath tub outside? Simply amazing. I can always count on Oprah to find the most wonderful places on earth. :)

  7. If anyone is interested in booking a travel safari/african trip- my friends at TRAVEL BEYOND specialize in this.. they have gotten really good press. I sent this article to my friend too…

  8. No words to describe! Well except heavenly. Wow! Okay so my husband’s dream vacation would be going to Africa on a Safari, and now if we could go to a place like this, I’m totally on board! I have to show him and we can start making plans…maybe for our 10 year anniversary?!

  9. Loved the Ryan Gosling scenario. Except now I’m picturing him in every picture you posted. Ryan rubbing my feet as we listen to records on the gramophone. Ryan ordering me a bellini at the bar. Ryan trying to distract me from the cutest baby elephant ever by taking his shirt off….

  10. I know you have a girl crush on Jaime Beck (From me to You) as much as I do so you should check out her instagram photos from her honeymoon here. Lovely. I’m dying to go there myself. And of course take the blue train to get there.

  11. This place is amazing, the vibe is so relaxing! I love, love every picture!
    great post! Liz (belledesignll.blogspot.com)

  12. I got married at this property two years ago and it is simply MAGICAL! Everyone should visit this gorgeous part of the world.

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