Fashion Friday: LBD High & Low

Can you even believe it’s November??? I can’t, not one bit.  And that means that soon holiday season will hit us and we’ll probably feel unprepared.  One thing that kind of stresses me out it having outfits for holiday parties- the worst is when you have to frantically shop for something the day before and end up buying something you don’t even like just to have something new to wear.  So I want to have one perfect cocktail party outfit ready to go at all times because let’s face it, at a lot of parties you won’t see the same people twice AND we can learn from the French who tend to buy things they love and not care about wearing them over and over because they love them.  Financially smart and keeps you more sane. So what’s better than the little black dress- and this year it’s all about mixing that with romantic lace.  I for one am straight up obsessed with this Tory Burch version, but found a very similar one by Banana for 1/4 of the price in their Anna Karenina Collection.  Paired with sexy stilettos with lace up details and some sparkly jewels and a hint of fur it’s a fabulous, classic yet fun look for any night time event- on a high or low budget!

HIGH: Tory Burch dress/ Barney’s pumps/ Trilogy scarf/ Elizabeth Cole earrings

LOW: Banana Republic dress/ Banana Republic Earrings/ Banana Republic fur scarf/ Enzo Angiolini pumps

13 Responses to “Fashion Friday: LBD High & Low”

  1. kayla says:

    I say go low in this case. Can hardly tell the difference and the dress if perfect for holiday party and events coming up!

    Memoirs & Mochas

  2. You know, I almost love that Banana dress even more than the Tory version! Call me crazy! ;-) Beautiful outfits, both of them. Thanks for the inspiration; happy Friday!

  3. Love the Tory dress, but so not in my budget. I love what you pulled together and I really am loving a lot of the Anna Karenina inspiration they are showing lately!

  4. Franki Parde says:

    LACE is the LOOK!!! Luv it! franki

  5. Emily says:

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve went shopping the day before and got something I didn’t like. I actually did that with a wedding I went to recently, but I swear I tried on 20+ dresses. I’m absolutely loving this outfit – actually – I pretty much love any clothing with lace on them!

  6. Susan says:

    OMG… This post made my day. I am always doubting my fashion choices and I bought almost the exact same dress and similar heels- (style nearly identical ) at Macy’s last year for a party. So glad to see I chose well for a change! I had tons of compliments on the dress, too.

  7. Ali P says:

    Love that you did the high and low version for this look (for us gals on a budget)! Totally loving both dresses!

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  9. Caroline says:

    love both looks! i am so excited for holiday season :)

  10. A Lbd is always right, and love Tory Burch! Have a great weekend! Xo Caroline

  11. Jennifer Slattery says:

    Wow – the Banana Republic dress is almost identical! When it comes to dresses, since I only wear them occasionally, I always say lower budget decent quality does the trick. But for items that get used all the time, definitely worth the extra bucks. Love this comparison and both outfits :)

  12. Erin says:

    Love the low option! I favor LBDs with some extra details and oomph, and this look is perfect.


  13. Barbara says:

    Love the low style! And I also love LBD with lace.