Fashion Friday: Holiday Looks for the Family!

With the holidays approaching perhaps you are thinking about holiday card photos or family party attire… so I thought I’d pull together looks for the whole darn family!  Not identical looks, but ones that really compliment each other in color.  I am DYING for this Club Monaco dress and I wore that Kate cuff at my event and really wanted to run out of the store with it!  As for the little girl look, can we just stop a moment and die over the cheetah coat? Please? And the mini bubble necklace??  As for the fellas, if your man doesn’t have a navy blazer, now is the time to get him one and the Ludlow has an INCREDIBLE fit (as seen on Andrew’s J.Crew doppleganger).  The little boy look stays youthful (and warm) layering the hoodie under the blazer.  Crewcuts really does make me want to reproduce somethin’ fierce.

Keep in mind J.Crew is 25% off $150+ and 30% off $250+/ Gap is 25% off all full price stuff and Banana is 25% off $150+. Happy shopping!


BIG GIRL: dress// coat//heels // earrings// bracelet// iphone case// lipstick

LITTLE LADY: dress// coat// tights// shoes// necklace// headband

BIG FELLA: jacket// sweater// shirt// jeans// boots

LITTLE GUY: jacket// sweatshirt// shirt// jeans// boots



  1. Is it bad that I am seriously considering buying the little girls’ dress in a size 14 and hoping for the best? Seriously… it’s too perfect. I need it.

  2. I love it all! I just bought my husband that sweater from Banana a couple of weeks ago and he wears it all the time. Now, if I could just get my boys in a blazer we’d be good.

  3. Erin,
    What an awesome roundup! I love it all…seeing the kids clothes make me want to be a mom. But its more work that comes with that…feeding, diaper changes, I guess I will have to keep spoiling my niece and nephew.

    Great picks!
    ♥, Londa

  4. I love most of this – but does anyone else think the bear face on the children’s stockings is located a little creepy?

  5. The little girl outfits are so YOU. It is fun to dress a mini-me. ;-) Now that my girls are older they have their own style which is just as much fun.

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