Fashion Friday: Christmas in Paris

I love being with family at the holidays, but Andrew and I have always said that at some point in our lives we’d love to spend Christmas in Paris, our favorite city in the world.  Having been to Paris both during warm, perfect weather and last January in the freezing cold I know it is magical at any temperature.  And all lit up for Christmas?? I can’t even imagine….. but let’s try….

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A little sparkle is needed during the holidays, and in Paris that goes double.  But being Paris (not Vegas) it’s gotta be subtle and ladylike. :)  This adorable jacket has a hint of sequins along the trim and I love it paired with Parisian stripes and a hint of leopard for daytime in the city of lights!

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Now if money were no object for a nighttime look I might just pick this Roland Mouret dress because it looks SO amazing on the body and I love the unique cut. However, its not. So a slightly more realistic look pairs a fun sequin dress with a sexy tuxedo jacket.

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30 Responses to “Fashion Friday: Christmas in Paris”

  1. Franki Parde says:

    S P E C T A C U L A R!!!!! Merci! franki

  2. pve says:

    I think every Parisian would love you and all your elements of style!

  3. Andrew Gates says:

    This is a must do for us. Maybe next year? (and every year thereafter!!!)

  4. Love this post! Just when I thought the holidays couldn’t get any better, Paris is thrown into the mix :)

  5. I think that every person in Paris is jealous of your great taste in this post!

  6. Abigail says:

    (Hi! I have loved your blog for a while now but, for shame, am only just commenting now! Congratulations on your new home.)

    I live in Paris but have yet to celebrate the holiday here (between French and American families, Noël always includes traveling!). But when you come, be sure to put the window dressings of the big department stores on your list of this to see: you’ll love them! I posted a lot of pictures from them last year on my previous site (see them here: . They are always stunning!

  7. Eleanor says:

    Love it. I’m off to Paris next Friday for a quick girl’s weekend (thank goodness for the Eurostar) and I can hardly wait. That city is SO gorgeous all lit up for the holidays, not to mention the shopping… ;)

  8. Oh now I really long for Christmas! Great post! It´s weird that you have snow in November, while we in Sweden don´t have any, actually had sun today. Well, we´re prepared for snow too soon… Caroline

  9. A girl can dream! What gorgeous images! I love the comparison between a Vegas outfit and an appropriate Parisian chic outfit! My husband and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary in February and I would love nothing more that to spend it together in Paris.(he’s never been, can you believe?) Thanks for the stylish inspiration! Great images. Bon weekend! Beth

  10. Michelle says:

    Erin, I AM GOING for Christmas this year! We leave Dec. 21 and stay through new year’s day. Absolutely ecstatic, and this post is definitely amping me up even more. I have been mentally packing for about a month, and it’s about to get real. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  11. Jennifer says:

    We went for Christmas a few years ago. We stayed 10 days in the same hotel on the Left Bank and just kind of pretended that we lived there. It was pure magic and we talk about returning all the time, but your inspiring post may just send us back there sooner than later!

  12. Carolyn says:

    I spent December 26th-New Year’s in Paris last year and it was absolutely magical – all of the holiday decor and markets are still up and running that week and the light displays alone are swoonworthy. There’s such a holiday cheer present at that time of year – I don’t know if I’ll ever feel it as strongly at home as I did in Paris (tragedy).

  13. This post just brought all the fun, warm Christmas fuzzies. Lovely photos! One day I hope to go there. Maybe even for Christmas! Thanks for the virtual vacation! Much needed. :)

  14. Merci for the beautiful photos of Christmas, as well as the fashionable pics. I love that camel coat!

  15. Brianna Cook says:

    Seriously, I could weep.

  16. Alexa says:

    Oh i love these pictures !! it makes me look forward to xmas season!
    you should try xmas in vienna one day as well. its a gorgeous time to visit the city and all the xmas markets ;)

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  18. Ashlee says:

    This post makes so, so happy and excited for the holidays! Thank you!! Have a great weekend!

  19. Caroline says:

    It would be such a dream to spend Christmas in Paris with those outfits… I’ve also always wanted to spend the holiday season in NYC!

  20. I’m sold. I would LOVE to go to Paris for Christmas. I’ve been to the city once – about six years ago in March – and can definitely attest to the fact that it is a completely magical place.

  21. Terri in SF says:

    Spent Christmas in Vienna and New Years in Florence, Italy a few years back. Europe does Christmas really well. Once the kitchen is done, you should start saving up!

  22. Holly Irwin says:

    Paris looks so incredibly amazing this time of year. So sparkly and full of light……..thanks for this mini escape!!



  23. oh my gosh that sounds wonderful. i just spent two weeks in paris, and i couldn’t agree more about spending christmas (and frankly every day for the rest of my life) there. i will be in paris again the weekend before thanksgiving, and i’m crossing my fingers that the christmas market (and lights) on the champs elysees will be up!

  24. Heather says:

    We were there last year with our kids and stayed in an amazing apartment on the Champs Elysees about 100 feet from the Arc de Triomphe. The marche on the Champs is amazing, the food and hot wine and hot apple cider. The Eiffel Tower is even more amazing and the city is literally radiant. Paris is un reve!!!! Hope you get there next year. xo

  25. This made me sad. After 30 years of trying I finally had my family on board for “a mountain Christmas”. We found an absolutely gorgeous house in Cashiers, NC and were already packing decorations. The owner failed to tell us that the house was on the market. It sold. We are homeless. tears………….

  26. Cprosk says:

    Paris is such an amazing place, spending Christmas there would definitely make one awesome holiday. Love the pics of the city and the fashion pics too!

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  28. Vintage Babe says:

    Paris the city of true style.

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