WHAT THE HELL, Y’ALL??? We have snow. In November. Like a few inches of the stuff.  I am not prepared for this one bit. IN fact I am quite cranky about it. Oliver on the other hand is all “MOM! MOM! DO YOU SEE THIS??!!! SNOOOOOOWWW!” (And yes, I painted my front door black)

So while I try to gather my wits about me to venture outside to the studio here are some cozy accent for self and home to keep you cozy during this icky weather.

1. How funny are these Club Monaco hats? My thoughts exactly.

2. A cozy Kate Spade faux fur infinity scarf to block out the chill.

3. No fireplace? Light this candle and fill your house with the smell of one.

4. Fatwood firestarters- prettier next to your fireplace than Duraflames.

5.  J.Crew cashmere gloves that still allow you to text.

6. A Swans Island wool blanket to keep warm.

7. Vintage lion andirons to dress up your fireplace.

8. I just bought this wine colored J. Crew sweater!

9. A yummy navy velvet and brass chair to curl up in and read.

23 Responses to “Brrrrrr.”

  1. Kayla says:

    Looks like all the essentials for a perfect cozy snow day. Wish we would get any cold here. Texas is just too warm for it’s own good.

    Memoirs & Mochas

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love the faux fur scarf from Kate Spade. After my shopping trip last weekend I completely ignored the email they sent me, but I might have to go back and look it. My son watched the weather channel this morning and is so jealous of your snow.

  3. Your house is so pretty in the snow and I need that chair…wonder if it costs a zillion dollars.

  4. Franki Parde says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am SO NOT READY for snow!!! We have sleet…ack! franki

  5. Chelsea says:

    Feel free to send some snow down south ;)

    Your house does look absolutely gorgeous in the snow, btw!


  6. Mom says:

    I wore my Kate Spade chinchilla infinity scarf yesterday walking the pups. So warm, snugly and pretty, too!

  7. pve says:

    We had a snow storm here too and a power outage too. I am beginning to think storm and power outages are going to be a team. I am heading out for supplies, more batteries, more hot cocoa, some warm boots and paint for my doors. I do love BLACK!

  8. Lindsey says:

    Yay Oliver! I love how much dogs enjoy the weather that we hate. haha

  9. SHF says:

    I would have loved all of your picks yesterday when we got dumped with over 20cm (8+ inches, I think) of snow in one day!


  10. Hi Erin! I was wondering, did you inherit that front door with your house or did you buy it new? I’m looking for something similar (that will let some light into our foyer). Thanks!

  11. Emily says:

    I first saw this picture on Facebook, and was like “wow, snow already?!” One reason I could not live in the North, I am totally NOT a fan of cold cold weather, much less snow. BRRR, stay warm miss!

  12. Natalie says:

    Just wanted to say I quite like the black door with matching shutters. Very classic. It’s nice that the snow matches the house ;)

  13. Erika G says:

    I’ll take snow over today’s 40 degree rain ANYDAY. Although I’ll agree that it took me by surprise!

  14. ADORE that diptyque candle. We love ours – our fireplace is gas :-)

  15. Alexa says:

    Your house looks so cosy and charming ! love your dog ! and how the pumpkin is covered in snow.

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  17. Stephanie says:

    I bought the sweater too! Loving burgundy right now!

  18. I needed a little cold weather style inspiration. We have been spared here in the Windy City thus far but we all know it is coming and coming soon. Thanks for the post! I laughed out loud at the FREEZING hat from Club Monaco. The Kate Spade fur scarf is now on my short “fave” list and who doesn’t love a classic cableknit sweater in a great color? Good purchase! Stay warm. Best, Beth

  19. so sorry… stay warm!! (that chair is amazing by the way!)

  20. Ohhh my — that chair = to die for! :-) I would LOVE to cozy up in that pretty.

  21. Love the front door painted black

  22. Jackie says:

    Your home looks like a Holiday story book picture!! Truly gorgeous!

  23. Kett says:

    I am with you, we are in the process of getting our first snow storm of the season right now and even with the fireplace roaring, fuzzy slippers on and a hot toddy by my side, I’m pissed off about it all. Is it spring yet?