Sponsor Welcome: Kitchen Resource Direct

As you guys know, I am about to venture on the biggest renovation to date in our new house (which I’m feeling like I need to name…hmmmm)- the KITCHEN!  One of the most expensive parts of a kitchen renovation are the cabinets.  There are SO many routes you can go- custom fancy pants, semi-custom, stock or big box store like IKEA. Each option has it’s pro’s and con’s, but there are ways to combine good design and quality with lower pricing if you are willing to do a little leg work on your own.  I am happy to have Kitchen Resource Direct as a sponsor of EOS for this reason- you can work with your own designer or have them help you design the layout of your dreams and they will ship you cabinets made for your space in a variety of colors and styles for less than a lot of retail home store chains!

You can customize all of the interiors of the cabinets- from pull out pantry shelves to garbage and recycling bins.

They also have some great hardware options too!

9 Responses to “Sponsor Welcome: Kitchen Resource Direct”

  1. HannahJ says:

    I am totally looking into this- we are in the midst of planning for a spring time kitchen super-duper low budget kitchen reno and I need all the help I can get;) Hopeing your process will give lots of inspiration and cost cutting tips!

  2. These kitchens are gorgeous!!!

  3. Chris says:

    Great resource site, thanks for sharing. Good selection of rev-a-shelf too, love that stuff, am planning to use some in a closet I’m designing. Can’t wait to see your ideas/plans for the kitchen.

  4. laura m says:

    Are you using them to do your kitchen cabinets? I didn’t see any inset door style cabinets. I picture you as an inset door kinda girl.

  5. Emily says:

    Wow. Their kitchens are fabulous. Can’t wait to see what you decide on!

  6. I’m a fan of their site. Indeed a great resource for kitchen inspirations and ideas. Glad you have the Kitchen Resource Direct as your sponsor. Cheers!

  7. Wow, what great options! I love all of the different styles!

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