Favorite FindsOctober 17, 2012

Southern Spectacular

I am CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY about this house.  I love me some southern hospitality in the form of an amazing renovated cottage that used to be an old horse car station on Isle of Hope in Georgia.  The architecture and interiors are SO perfect for a vacation home- relaxed, slightly rustic but with hints of modernism.  Interior designer Carter Kay did an amazing job, take a peek:

Holy beams and door, Batman.

LOVE the wall mural mixed with more rustic beams and modern light fixture.

Clearly I like exposed beams. And so do these people.

Such modern fixture yet it totally works mixed with more traditional pieces.

Awesome bed.

MORE awesome beds.

Fantastic mirrors and vanity.

Great lighting placement.

An outbuilding that serves as a bar. How fun would it be to entertain in here.

DIE over this outdoor sink.


The patio. The outbuilding. The fence. The fire pit. Can you stand it?

Hell, I’d live in the garage.

Via Savannah Magazine

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