L.A. Shopping

There’s a lot to share about my week in LA (I met Oprah, oh yes I did) but first here’s some decor based pics from my trip- specifically a fantastic day I spent with a LA based reader, Dee who e-mailed me and offered to show me some great places for decor shopping in the area!  Not only is it so fun to meet interesting people from all over the country that read this little labor of love, but getting to see where THEY love to shop is the best way to find some gems.

We started with brunch at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood- I am OBSESSED with the decor in this place. It’s insane. From the striped marble floor, to the bar to the vintage brass faucet’s in the bathrooms (I forgot to take a pic). It is such a fabulous place!

We popped into Kishani Perera’s little boutique Rummage with great refurbished vintage pieces.

Gibson was SUCH a cool shop chock full of really interesting vintage accessories (the PERFECT place to shop for a bachelor pad!)

Nicky Kehoe was a super elegant yet rustic shop full of amazing tables, chairs, tabletop goods and especially RUGS. That runner made me weep- as did that gold framed navy settee.

One of the MOST magical places we went was called Rolling Greens- a nursery/floral shop/home decor store/ gift shop…. simply AMAZING. I absolutely loved it!

I walked into this room and wondered what was on the back wall- turns out it was ombre dyed tea bags strung up like a curtain! Dee actually hosted a bridal shower here which was a genius idea as you need absolutely NO decor! Check out images of it on her blog!

Our last stop was 45 Three Modern Vintage- a really well priced place to find amazing vintage stuff- some redone, some waiting for the right fabric! LOVED the navy and coral striped wall!

Thanks so much to Dee for a fun day and more to come tomorrow!

17 Responses to “L.A. Shopping”

  1. These stores look amazing! I love all of the vintage, eclectic pieces. And it is SO AMAZING that you met Oprah! I can’t wait to hear all about it soon!

  2. Donna Seger says:

    Wow,what a delight for the eyes on a Monday morning! Who knew used tea bags could be so decorative?

  3. Mom says:

    Oh my goodness, that garden objets store might be worth the plane fare!

  4. Loving all the pictures – now I want to hop on board a plane to LA and see these fab stores myself. Loving the garden store! We have one similar here in Houston called Thompson+Hanson. It’s fab.

  5. Caroline says:

    Great shopping!! I want to drive down to LA asap! How was meeting Oprah??

  6. Wow all of those stores look amazing! I love hearing about your LA adventures. I would love to see that tea bag display for myself.

  7. Hannah says:

    So many amazing stores! I am 45 mins from LA and now I will have to make the trip! :)

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  8. Michelle says:

    I am going to LA in March and I have bookmarked all your home stores so that I can see for myself. Thanks!

  9. Jennifer says:

    All my favorite spots! Very cool to see them on your blog today!

  10. Dee says:

    Erin… you need to come back for round 2… so much more to show you! (and next time… dinner and a cocktail ;)

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  12. Aaaaah! This is like my idea of pure heaven! If there was ever a reason to go to LA, this is it!

  13. looks like a blast, love that gallery wall at gibson!

  14. Carli says:

    Aqua chairs on the window in the last picture from 45 Three Modern Vintage are amazing!

  15. ahhh you met Oprah!! Need to hear more.

  16. Yes pls tell us everything about your meeting with Oprah!

  17. Deepakk says:

    Hi KJ,You can buy Vintage Affair at Made It or ETSY online or if you live in Brisbane there are a nubmer of stores you can pick up an issue. Go to the purchase page to have a look.Thanks Bea