Instagram Crush: Erica Cook/ Moth Design

There are so many vehicles in which to obsess over/gather inspiration from other people’s lives these days- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and my personal favorite- Instagram (follow me- @elementstyle).  Those dang filters do make everyone and everything look so much better- but some people’s pictures just scream “MY LIFE IS GORGEOUS!” filter or not.  The numero uno person on my feed like that is Erica Cook of Moth Design (@ecmoth). Girl has insane style- like hit you over the head it’s so good style. Here’s a sampling of the images that make me walk into street signs.



  1. Dang! She is perfect! lol But you are right up there too! Can’t wait to see more of your new home and design choices!

  2. Wow! Love these images. I can’t believe she can keep up such a glamorous and perfect-looking home w/ 5 boys! She must have unlimited sources of energy for sure. Truly inspiring. Thanks for putting her blog and instagram photos onto my radar. I plan on reviewing her work more and pinning some of my favorites.

  3. wow is all i can say. Some people certainly know how to live the beautiful life. And how amazing is the gallery wall of framed shopping bags? so clever.

  4. Very pretty, but that’s a lot of conspicuous label imagery. Sometimes it just feels to me like a gallery of expensive goods and accoutrements. I know that sounds bitchy, but framing your shopping bags? It’s so obvious that it actually feels like it moves into the realm of tastelessness.

  5. Yes!! I love Erica! She lives in the same city as me – Calgary, Alberta! Her house is stunning and the neighbourhood she’s in is really nice too. I’ve been following her blog for a while and her five boys are all so stylish as well! Now if only I could steal her closet…

  6. I so have a crush on erica too! she has insane taste and the most beautiful picture perfect boys! she is one of my daily go-to blog and instagram reads! thanks for sharing


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