Hurricaine Essentials!

Here we go east coasters, Frankenstorm/ Sandy is about to plow through and while I remain skeptical of it’s severity here in Boston we all have to stay home today and wait it out.  I go stir crazy VERY quickly during times like these so I need to make sure I have enough to do/eat/drink/read/watch while we are hunkered down.  And for the first time in my life I have a house to worry about- trees falling on roofs and shiz. Man, I am such a grown-up.

So what does one need to survive being cooped up and a possible loss of power and cable? First and foremost- WINE.  Oh yes, some delicious red to keep your wits about you when the wind starts howling (or your dog does- for which I am armed with liquid chicken flavored Xanax- I kid you not. I am a yuppie of the highest order).  Next- food. The only thing I was worried about running out of was chips (these are SOOOOOOOO good)  and hummus. Between that and Luna bars I could survive for weeks on end (with a multi-vitamin of course- not exactly the dinner of champions). I didn’t think to stock up on water (other than Pellegrino-whoops) but I do have a huge bucket of Halloween candy I picked up prepared for a million neighborhood kids that no doubt will be in my belly by tomorrow.  Also supplied with some Tazo Earl Grey to keep me warm.  Lots of candles are essential- love the warm glow of these West Elm hurricanes. As long as we have power we’ll be watching Breaking Bad, which I just got hooked on- season 3 here we come!  And without power (NO INTERNETS????) a good book helps pass the time- I just finished The Language of Flowers and it was really quite good! Of course a snuggly outfit is a must- love this bright blanket cardigan, leggings and cute (and soft) Minnetonka booties!  Perfect for snuggling up on the couch in front of a fire (or a Duraflame log in my case) with a faux fur blanket!

Good luck you guys, and please stay safe!!!


  1. We stocked up on wine, but then we realized that we read our books on our iPads now and we didn’t get any real books in case the power goes out! Stay safe Erin!

  2. I’m glad you have your hurricaine essentials ready to go! And I hope Sandy isn’t too tough on the Boston area! Try to use this as an opportunity to relax and have a quiet day at your (beautiful) new home.

  3. I love that, because of grammar, I am now picturing the neighborhood kids in your belly! (And picturing Mike Meyers saying “get in my BELLY!”)

    Hunker down!

  4. Stay safe, been watching the storm reports out here on the west coast, but our families are all near Boston, hope that it doesn’t hit too hard! Also thanks for the link to that cozy sweater, love it :-)

  5. Hunkered down here as well. Unfortunately, we are up to date on Breaking Bad. Did a marathon first 3 seasons in about 2 weeks. I liked the earlier versions best.

  6. Gee, with all the wine that will be consumed up and down the east coast, I wonder how many babies will be named Sandy 10 months from now. ;-)

  7. this post totally strikes a chord with me since I live in zone A, have already had 2 glasses of vino (it makes me feel better about the swaying building), and finished one of the BIG hummus containers! I actually bought a Michael Crichton book at the drugstore just in case my tv goes…..STAY SAFE!!

  8. LOVE your last sentence. Is it weird that I’m doing that exact thing right now?! :) And I’m glad someone is as obsessed with chips and hummus as much as I am!

    Stay safe, miss!

  9. Hope it goes by without a fuss! Just a note, have you tried a thunder shirt for your dogs anxiety? I am NOT one of those don’t medicate people, I just simply never knew about the thunder shirt until recently and now am on a mission to tell everyone how wonderful it is. One of our dogs gets extremely anxious on cars (peed 4 times in my car!!). Thunder shirt fixed that, just helps her calm herself down and chill the heck out.

  10. You’re too funny! I live in Florida so I feel your pain when it comes to hurricanes, but it sounds like you’re prepared! Stay safe, hope it quietly passes.

  11. Hope you guys from east coast are doing okay. Anyways, it would be soothing during times like this to have a bottle of wine, some cookies and of course candles. The power blackout may suck, but just a few days I’m sure it’ll be back. Keep safe everyone!

  12. I loved this post. I am in Houston and remember well the aftermath of Ike 2008-no power for 2 weeks, buying a generator, heat, humidity, flooding with no way to clean up ( no power)Sitting in my car to stay cool. Finding a hotel room -thanks to the great staff at the Sheraton Town & Country. Looking down from the hotel window at nothing but Fema trucks in the drizzling rain in an endless line going to Galveston. Looked like army trucks. This must be what war looks like. Traffic lights did not work for weeks. It was just take your turn. Some areas did look like bombed out war zone. To say we were miserable is putting it lightly. We went from the hotel room- which had a/c but no water,to home which had water (shower) back to hotel to stay cool.I was sick from the mold in my office.My heart goes out to the residents in the northeast. Today in Houston there are no traces of that misery. Sun is shining, temperature is mild and we have perfect weather. There will be bright days to come for New Yorkers and others affected by this monster storm. Keep the faith. From someone who has experienced surviving a hurricane.

    Carol in Houston

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