Faux Fur Fever

If there is one thing that dresses up a room or makes a boring outfit more fabulous it’s a dash of faux fur. I absolutely love adding a touch of faux fur into a room as a way to add interest and texture without adding more pattern.  I can’t tell you how many mongolian lamb pillows or fur throws I’ve spec’d for clients over the years.  And the fuax fur vest is the number one item I wear most in the fall and winter because it’s the most perfect layering piece and is easy to pop on over any sweater or even over a leather jacket for extra warmth and a touch of glamour!

West Elm has GREAT ones right now, in fact I bought the grey ombre/chinchilla one already for our living room.

Etsy seller Shannaleigh25 has some realistic looking ones too! More expensive, but really good looking and available in KING size for the bed!

This Mink Rabbit one:

This Lynx one:

Fabulous Furs has tons of options, partial to the Limited Edition ones:

Not looking to spend much? Try World Market– for $59.99 you can pick up one of these:

As for vests, finding a good faux one isn’t super easy- when they look like your wearing a stuffed animal skin it’s not very stylish. I have one from Rachel Zoe’s HSN line from years ago and it’s such a good fake- although Andrew tells me it looks like I’m wearing a stray cat. Whatevs. What does he know?

A few to try….

Via Spiga and Free People

DKNY and Express

Sabine and Juicy Couture

Halston Heritage and  Club Monaco


  1. One vote for real fur. I know that’s really un-PC, but even a long-time vegetarian like moi has to admit nothing can replace real fur (or real leather, for that matter). I have a sheepskin rug that I adore. I justified the purchase by thinking of all the animals I saved by not eating meat for 19 years. Admittedly, I still feel a little guilty.

  2. Such awesome resources! I just bought a snow leopard vest from Ebay – was it maybe last year’s version? Hoping it’s not too cheezeball….

  3. Hi Erin, Thanks for the post. Faux fur is beautiful! Real fur is simply cruel, and says more about the owner than she probably cares to reveal.

  4. Great trend for fall! :) I’ve never rocked a faux fur vest before, but I think I might try it this year. I love the throws and blankets around the house though.. so comfy!!

  5. I’ve always loved that first photo of Aerin Lauder’s Aspen bedroom (actually, who am I kidding? I love her whole place), but faux fur is hard to pull off here in Hawaii :) I need to visit someplace cold this winter so I can pull out my Sorel Cate the Great boots, faux fur trim included!

  6. I love love love the idea of a faux fur throw, but I’d be worried about keeping it clean – how do you wash it? Or do you just shake it out if it gets a little dusty? Now I’m thinking of getting one!

  7. Love this post. Thanks for the inspiration. We are going to a football game at my son’s school in San Francisco tonight and it’s time to throw on some faux fur vest! BTW, did you see the Pottery Barn faux fur bean bag? The picture on their website doesn’t do it justice. It’s to die for in person!

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