Colors of the Weekend

As you know, I’ve been debating my front door color since we moved in.  And this weekend I decided to go with yellow and went to the paint store (first mistake- without testing colors beforehand) and picked out a yellow I thought was going to be great.  I came home and painted the door and within a few strokes I knew that the color was a giant mistake. It looked like our front door had been drive by bombed by French’s mustard. TOO YELLOW.  Now, I will give myself a break since yellow is the hardest color to get right paint-wise, even for designers.  And I certainly fell prey to the shade’s dubious ways.  But now I don’t know what I want to do (although I am sure my neighbors are anxious for me to make up my mind….)

Door as it is now.  In person it’s even brighter.  I could go a few shades lighter and less canary- more a subtle butter color.

Ben Moore Sunshine on the Bay

The other color I’m considering is a chartreusy green. not neon/bright green but a yellow green that will play off all the plants and lawn and looks modern with the black and white color scheme.

Benjamin Moore Wasabi

My pal Julie recommended a coral/red Ben Moore color called Bull’s Eye Red. I am NOT a red person at all. It seems so traditional, especially on a house like mine But coral I might be able to get on board with….

Benjamin Moore Bull’s Eye Red

Or I could abandon my whole color idea and just do high gloss black.  I know many of you love the idea of turquoise and it would be cute, but it would feel SO out of place in our neighborhood. Trust me on this one.

Let me know what you guys think!  Since the front of the house faces north, the window boxes will always be shade plants, which my mom tells me are more in the yellow, purple and green families. So I want to play off those colors.

In other news, we had our first fire on Friday night- it was rainy, chilly and felt SO cozy in our house! A little Breaking Bad Season 2 and a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau and it was a pretty awesome night.

Can you even believe the gorgeousness of these vintage children’s books my dad and I found in an antique store on Sunday? The ombre color scheme is TO DIE FOR.  He bought them for my mom (and hopefully their future grandkids).

There was something so Wes Anderson about the font and style. Love.

We had dinner at a very special place in Brooklyn, CT called The Golden Lamb- fancy dining inside a rustic barn.  The did farm to table before it was a thing, y’all.  Big bowls of freshly grown and cooked veggies from their gardens brought around in addition to your meals.  Total theatre meets country goodness. We love it there.

While in CT we went over plans for our kitchen renovation with my Dad- it’s going to be off the CHAIN, you guys.  And after living with Cararra marble in my bathroom for three weeks I had to concede to NOT doing it for the kitchen as my dad kept advising (I’ve already managed to stain the crap out of it with just water and soap).  I was all mopey and sad until I discovered Bianco Macabus quartzite. HOLY HELL, I can have the durability of granite with the look of marble for a slightly cheaper price? Heck to the Y-E-S.

There’s something so modern to it’s linear veining! LOVE!

How was your weekend dolls?


  1. Ooh, i’d have to go with chartreuse! Love reading about your current reno… we’re about to start ours (on a much smaller scale) but i find myself going through the same thought processes! Also, i LOVE your macbook cover! Please please please tell me where you got it :)

  2. I have our family’s set of The Book House books. I loved perusing them as a child. The illustrations are amazing. You scored in my eyes!

  3. I love the bright colors for the front door! I vote for the yellow. It is nice and bright and sunny but also works in the fall and coming winter. And looks great with the flowers in the window boxes! I am a sucker for fun door colors…

  4. I came across this image on Pinterest and immediately thought of you

    It’s a beautiful orange door on a white house flanked by trees potted in large green urns. A little un-traditional, yes but very striking and I could totally see you and your house rockin’ it! And I know you’re worried about your choice not fitting in with the neighborhood but I think this could work. (I say that with a bit of confidence given I live in Newton too and am familiar with the area that you are in…Welcome to the neighborhood!)

  5. I LOVE the Bianco Macabus quartzite. I’ve been trying to find it locally (I’m in Northern California) and have been contacting stone yards and tile places with no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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