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Renovation Update: Bathroom, Paint and Planning Ahead

Sorry for the lack of updates last week- I didn’t think painting white trim WHITER really warranted a post.  However, we do have a few things that have been completed in our slow but steady process of turning this outdated house into something really cute.

Let’s start with the outside- Andrew spent this past weekend painting our hunter green shutters and garage door black.  This has been driving me craaaaaaazy so I’m so glad it’s done. To others it probably makes very little impact but to me it makes a big one.



You know what is now driving me crazy? That our middle window is OFF CENTER! What the HELL? Did the builders go out for too many cocktails at lunch the day that went in in 1941? We have plans to change it eventually when we add the portico, but until then every time I drive up I’ll be all “Grrrrrrrr”.  We did order new, bigger front door lanterns to replace the old teeny tiny ones and had our contractor cut off the railings by the front door so I can put two small potted evergreen trees on either side of the door.  As for the door color I am 99% sure I’m going to do some sort of yellow or green! We plan to take off that screen door and gloss that baby up next weekend!

Also gifted to us from my parents for our seventh wedding anniversary last week were some window boxes (complete with all those plantings thank to Mom- totally helps charm the front up until we can redo all the plantings!

Inside the biggest project to date is 90% done- the full bath upstairs. Remember what it looked like before and our plans? Now they have come to fruition and it looks great!

And now!  The new mirror from Wisteria is amazing against the black walls.  One thing I learned is that in a space this small if you paint black walls you need VERY strong sconce light- we may have to rethink ours since they don’t quite throw off enough light for makeup application currently.  Proof that this is all a learning process, even for experienced designers!

LOVING the marble top (via Sygma Stone) and we finally added our glass knobs from Restoration to the vanity and they could not look more perfect!  The space functions really, really well for us- plenty of storage in the vanity and enough counter space for us both to use the room.

We still have to paint above the tile in the shower…. FYI. I think black, Andrew thinks ceiling white. We also still need to ahve the custom shower curtain and valance made.

One place we saved money was by not replacing the tub and tile. The tub is a cast iron original and the tile was applied to the walls with what is called a “mud job” i.e. attached to the wall using concrete.  This meant it was going to be so expensive to rip all that out and redo it and since this will eventually be a guest bathroom we decided to reglaze the tub and tile instead.  I was nervous that this wasn’t going to work the way I hoped since the tub was SO SO FRIGGIN’ DISGUSTING.  And then when the new floor and vanity went it it made it look even MORE disgusting.

We had to change out the valves and handles without replacing ALL the time.  Hmmmmmm. So Todd cut out the tiles around the old fixtures, I got cheap 4″ x 4″ tiles from Home depot and they popped them in place under the new handles and valves. Wow, it really was gross.

I was still apprehensive about this whole re-glazing thing- and when the guy arrived to do it my bathroom looked like Dexter was preparing for his next kill.  Everything but the tile and tub covered with plastic, paper and tape and him in a full body suit and gas mask. Oh boy.  I went to work and then came home to a BRIGHT WHITE TUB AND TILE!!!! It looks brand new!  It turned out to be a great decision and saved us thousands of dollars.

In other news we installed a new entry light, the star Sophia flushmount in brass from Visual Comfort.  We have very little height here to there weren’t as many styles to choose from and this one is at least unique and I love the brass finish.

We’re going to be staining all our floors dark and adding a stair runner like this (maybe with a black border?)

Powder room is just waiting for wallpaper- we installed our sconces from Lamps Plus (the Muse from Robert Abbey, although I originally wanted this sconce which I LOOOOOOOOOVE but they were too big for the tiny tiny space ) and it looks like we’ll be going with Hicks Hexagon for sure.

We also painted Andrew’s office Benjamin Moore Blue Note (a dark navy blue with the tiniest hint of green).  We got a great priced wood campaign desk from World Market and are working on furnishing out the space (no judging- this is NOT even remotely done).

We are now planning and budgeting for the big project- the kitchen and dining room renovation.  I may need an IV of pinot grigio straight into my veins to get through this part… :)

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