A Stunning City Wedding

I admit, I have very little time these days to read blogs (I know, ironic) but one I ALWAYS check at least once a week is From Me To You. I’ve loved watching Jaime Beck turn into a photography superstar and all around fashion idol.  I’m pretty sure she’s my biggest girl/career crush out there. And it’s no surprise that her wedding to her business/creative/life partner Kevin Burg was as stunning and stylish as she. Take a peek….

Held at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan….

Designer Katie Ermilio designed and made Jamie’s incredible dress, she details the process in this post here. What a special process and what a stunning end result that I think captured Jaime’s style perfectly.

Katie’s father custom made Kevin’s tux as well (he’s a third generation bespoke suit maker).

Being fit into her dress on her wedding day.

Gotta love the Italian silk lining and perfect fit!

The flowers were by one of my favorite florists Amy Merrick who makes everything look so natural and never forced. You can see more images here.

Just so perfect!

The reception looked warm, loving and like it would have been a very good time. You can see more pictures here.

Doesn’t the picture of them cutting the cake look like it could be right out of the 1950’s? LOVE it! Photographer Kate Murphy took on the challenge of shooting the wedding for Jaime!

Those plates! Be still my heart.

Best wishes to this incredibly talented couple!

Oh, and P.S. can you even begin to deal with the amazingness of this outfit Jaime wore to the Hampton’s Classic (you MUST look through the images in her post about it– breathtaking). Totally my idol.


  1. I’m sure the wedding was lovely, but sadly, the page took far too long to load – so I only saw a few photos.

  2. Yes, absolutely stunning! Oh my, her dress is gorgeous and classic. Those photos are perfection. Thanks for sharing! I’ll be a stalker of Jaime’s now too.

  3. The bride looks so timeless and elegant! (Where are the hair extensions? Where is the spray tan? Why isn’t her bust spilling out of an ill-fitting strapless gown??)

  4. Beautiful! At first I thought she looked familiar and after seeing on her blog that she is from Texas, I figured out that we had an art history class together! Such a small world! She was gorgeous and fashion forward back then too.

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