To Do Lists

I have never been good at keeping a consistent to do list- at least not down on paper or in some digital form. Sure I put appointments in my iPhone Calendar but other than that I write these hysterical lists on scraps of paper (Find purple fabric!!!! Call the freaking DENTIST!!!! Don’t forget to return your 674 e-mails!!!!) which I then lose and become more hysterical. I need me some black-belt organizational skills considering how much I have going on right now. And no matter how many fancy awesome online tools Andrew shows me that would help, I’ve always needed to write it physically down or else I feel like it doesn’t become imprinted in my brain. Seriously, I used a paper Kate Spade planner way longer than most of society. Enter the friggin’ adorable May Books!  Pick your cover, your monogram or title and the type of pages inside (graph/lines/calendar/diary/etc) and there you have it. I would love one for each client and one for each of my own personal projects! And since they aren’t pricey, hey, it could happen!


  1. Hi Erin,

    I love your blog. For organization, and especially for someone as busy as you are, there is a methodology call Getting Things Done. GTD – it will change your life!

  2. These are gorgeous! I love them, thank you for sharing. I definitely will order one…or two:)


  3. OMG these are awesome! I still use my KS paper planner for the same reason, I need to just write things down. But I adore the personalization of these and how inexpensive they are! Great find!!

  4. found code “peoplestyle” that works for the other notebooks to get $4 off 1 book, $7 off 2, $12 off 3, $16 off 4, etc

    not as good as the groupon above, which as free shipping, but in case you don’t want an academic planner

  5. I just got a Groupon for these this morning! My co-worker and I spent way too much time picking deciding which ones we were order. I love the weekly menu option for friends as a gift, how perfect for mom’s with youngsters?!

  6. Erin,
    I’m a huge fan of your site. The books are beautiful. I’d love for you to give us a whirl too – our shareable to do lists will be on the iphone next week (they are on android already). They are extra great for business partners – Megan and I share to do lists all the time – although I am happy to say – I also keep a notebook – because part of me still needs to write something down on paper when first brainstorming. :)

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this! I actually ordered one today with the Groupon. I felt I was keeping too many calendars (work and personal) because I never found a planner that I really liked that was a good size and actually looked cute. I use my Google Calendar but I prefer writing things down.

    Thanks again for this post!

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