The Greenbrier!

It’s my last day here at The Greenbrier and I wanted to show you some images of the place that was made so famous by decorator Dorothy Draper (and now Carleton Varney).

Floral prints EVERYWHERE! Floral on floral on floral! And how about those chair backs? So many pieces here that I can see influenced so much of whats popular with the “Hollywood Regency” style today!

Awesome staircase in the main entry- scenic wallpaper, greek key detail, black and white and bold colors.


Dorothy Draper wallpaper pajamas are even MORE awesome. And guess what, you can order them HERE!

Such amazing architectural detail and lighting as well as color combinations (turquoise and red!)

And the history is incredible- from all the famous people who have come to stay (Grace Kelley pictured) to the small details like the china pattern!

Do you just die? Because I did. Especially that hunter green/ coral pink combo below.

Where we have been having cocktails at the end of each day. Not too shabby, huh?

Another stunning color combo= coral and light blue and gold (and a gorgeous herringbone wood floor).

The window treatment details are mind-blowing- Draper even draped above the indoor pool!

Such a distinguished place for cocktails.

We went shooting at the gun club and could not resist blurting out some Ace Ventura when we entered the lodge…

“This is a lovely room of death!”

Andrew was disturbingly good with a 12 gauge shotgun.  Guess it’s the North Carolina blood. I hit like 8 clays, but felt like someone had taken a 2 x 4 to my shoulder.

The casino featuring tiger stripe wallcovering (hell yes) and even the detaisl in the public restrooms are killer!

A pretty view, but the best view is my little niece’s smile.

Y’all should come visit- there is something so wonderful about the South. The manners, the way men are still gentlemen and the women are ladies and overall outlook on life.  The bright happy colors of dressing and decorating are so uplifting and things just feel more proper. I think I would have made a good Southern girl (but marrying a Southern boy who has not let me open a car or any other type of door in 11 years will have to suffice). :)


  1. Times seem so much kinder and gentler at a place like that. A dear friend of ours had a home like that and it was such a happy place, all the prints and pattern. I don’t think I could live in it, but to visit it would be fun.
    Happy Monday and thanks for sharing some images of your killer weekend.

  2. Your photos made me so happy! My husband and I had our wedding reception at The Stoneleigh Hotel in Dallas, another Dorothy Draper gem. She was amazing, bold and all things wonderful. Thanks for making me smile on a Monday morning, I think you’re fabulous!

  3. @Coby – Yes – the bunker is wallpapered and has a false door that still works to enter from the hotel area. The bunker is MASSIVE. I have done the tour twice to kill some time on a rainy day and it is fun!

    Glad you took such great pictures of my favorite place. So beautiful!

  4. Oh my!! I wonder if that staircase would fit in my suitcase…wallpaper and all…LOL
    Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow this place is amazing! I admit I first learned about it on The Bachelorette this season and kinda fell in love! Since then, I’ve seen it featured several places and now keep begging the beau to do a long weekend down there. Thanks for sharing your vaca photos with us. Also, I’d love it if you checked out my blog, I’ve followed you for awhile and you always continue to insprire!


  6. I love the Greenbrier, some people think don’t get it and think it is a stuffy place for old folks, not so. You nailed it-it is a HAPPY place full of great style and color, tons of fun activities and and delicious southern food. We always love getting the picnic in a box for the car trip home, every bite yummy and beautifully presented. We have not been since Marriott bought it, your post just put it back on my radar, thanks for sharing.

  7. We have been visiting the Greenbrier for seven years now with my whole family. We just returned from there in June. It is truly our heaven… such an amazing place to have fun and relax! Hope your vacation was great!

    Cindy- Marriott did not end up buying it. Instead the Greenbrier’s hero Jim Justice (a local West Virginian) bought it. He has improved and restored the Greenbrier to its very best! You should definitely visit!

    Thanks for sharing Erin!!

  8. I’m always so proud to call myself a southern girl! We went to the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs last month and the classic elegance in decor is similar there. Every time you turn around there’s something gorgeous! I hope to make it up to the Greenbrier one of these days!

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  9. This post is making me so excited for my trip to The Greenbrier this week – I’m shooting a wedding there this weekend and have the pleasure of staying two nights! It’s fun to hear that you had such a wonderful visit!

  10. What a lovely post – thanks for all of the wonderful photos! My husband and I have both been eager to visit (and now I feel like I have). ;-) I absolutely LOVE the coral color on the walls of what appears to be the ballroom and may just try to match it for my own dining room!

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