Runway to Room: A Fashionable Nursery!

I saw this pairing of stripes and a bold floral print on Blair of Atlantic Pacific and thought it would make the most BAD ASS girl’s nursery! Blue isn’t just for the boys, and this little room is full of attitude, pattern and color! And how I LOVE some abstract art in a child’s space (you could give your own child a canvas and some paint and even let THEM do the work!)

A Fashionable Nursery
A Fashionable Nursery by elementsofstyleblog on

14 Responses to “Runway to Room: A Fashionable Nursery!”

  1. LOVE IT!! and I love that you sourced your arrows ;) Thank you !! Love your blog!

  2. Deb says:

    Is it crazy to be jealous of a nursery that’s way cooler than my bedroom?…LOL
    I LOVE the floral and leopard combo.

  3. Melissa says:

    I love that Blair is so darn stylish that she inspires interior styling too.

  4. Nuha says:

    I can so see this coming together. It’s adult enough yet the white furniture keeps it light and airy. Good eye erin!

  5. Ashley Nicks says:

    Great eye! Love the light and the painting. I just found your blog through TheEveryGirl. Love it!


  6. Caroline says:

    Haha, definitely pinned this outfit last week… Outrageously gorgeous and perfect in every way! A nursery would be wonderful!

  7. jbhat says:

    I want that outfit. Cute room!


  8. Chris says:

    New house and some nursery blogging? Hmmm…. If you were wanting a family soon, I hope it is happening for you, or maybe soon ;) I just love a blog that has some babies in it!!

  9. Rebecca says:

    LOVE!! Thank you for the inspiration :)

  10. designgratis says:

    My goodness I LOVE this! I love the juxtaposition of floral and animal print, vintage and modern.

    Ive recently been blogging about nurseries as well, it just seems like they are coming into their own all of a sudden as statement spaces -

  11. Kristen says:

    What a clever idea. The outfit is gorgeous. I would love to see this all pulled together in a room.

  12. I love this nursery – so bold and cheerful! I created a board for a woodlands Nursery on and I think its amazing that one item (be it a fashion photo or an art work) can serve as the inspiration for so many things! Thanks so much for sharing — i’m going to buy the bedding right now!

  13. I love this! Thanks so much for sharing — that light from Lowe’s is amazing!