Fashion Friday: Things I’m Loving

Saw these Belgian loafers on a reader’s Instagram and had to know where they were from…

Turns out, Target! Dying, they look just like the Lanvin ones I’ve been coveting for fall. Ordering a couple pairs. The mint for sure.

I am ALL about re-upholstering my vintage chairs in my office with a large, black single stripe down the center, like these from Chairloom.

Reminds me of this Kate Spade bag that would be awesome for fall/winter!

Speaking of Kate Spade, did you see she made an “I Married Adventure” book clutch? Love it! I still need a copy of that book somethin’ fierce.

Totally loving Hyla Dewitt’s jewelry that is both bold and edgy.

Waaaaaaay loving Blair Ritchey’s tassel clutches! Put a tassel on anything and I will buy it.

And since everyone and their mother (literally) has the J.Crew leopard iPhone case I have I am looking for another one and this stripey Kate one will do me just fine I think (I know, more Kate, but she’s killin’ it right now!) Or perhaps a monogrammed Iomoi one. Can’t decide.

Have a wonderfully happy weekend everyone!


  1. I love those shoes! I got a Kate Spade iphone cover with gold polka dots on it and it’s my new favorite accessory. You can’t go wrong with KS! LOVE your blog :)

  2. Could not believe my eyes when I saw you feature “I married adventure” . I purchased one at garage sale a few weeks ago just for the cover and decided to give it a try, I LOVED it. A fantastical journey in an untouched innocent time. I found You Tube videos of the Johnsons from the book and the movies of their adventures. Give it a try.

  3. You inspired me for the Target shoes! Just ordered and will be here next week! This would be my first pair of loafers, I’m more of a ballet flat and heels kind of girl.

  4. Amazing find on those flats! Target clothes and accessories are always so darn good. I have the J.Crew leopard iPhone case – my sister got it for me for Christmas!

  5. The tassel clutches are too cute! And I’ll definitely have to check out those loafers from Target. Lovely post- as usual, loving everything!

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  6. Hi Erin! I’m Erin Bronson Blane’s sister, a.k.a the blue & pink feet in the photo! Thanks for the feature – we were so excited!

    For anyone who likes the shoes – we bought them & they are super comfy & chic! :)

  7. Love those loafers! … I was SO disappointed with my kate spade phone case… It broke after one week of having it. Coveted it for a long time, finally put my $40 towards it and the hard case lining snapped around the edge. Just a little forewarning.

  8. Just bought two pair of those Target flats. Thanks for the post. I never would have thought to look there for shoes.

  9. I always know I’m going to love the “things I’m loving”…thanks for the awesome finds!! have a great weekend! xx

  10. Don’t bother with the ks phone case. Terrible quality and comes Apart when you drop your phone. It is terrible

  11. LOVE this post. don’t do the KS phone case- it’s not durable and so slippery that I dropped mine CONSTANTLY. and then it just cracks :(

    lovely design, but the fabrication is not so practical.

    iomoi is totally cute. dannijo also has insane ones (albeit at 100 bones).

  12. Love the loafers! I was able to pick up a pair at my store for $8.50 on clearance! My tip – order half a size-up. I’ve received many compliments already! Love your blog!

  13. Those loafers are so cute – I heard they are on super sale though so maybe already on clearance??

    Also, the Hyla Dewitt jewelry is so chunky and fun – definitely statement making and that is a big trend I have enjoyed seeing out and about this season!

    Thank you for sharing such awesome picks with us

  14. Can you tell me anything about the zebra print books in the photos? Are they antique? Do you happen to know the title and author? I would really like to find one! Thanks!

  15. I tried on the loafers at Target yesterday. Super cute, but a little stiff for me. I was tempted to get them anyway, especially since the pink is on sale!

  16. Hi Erin, any chance you could do a Fashion Friday post styling on an outfit for those target loafers? Love your blog!

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