Life & FamilyJune 13, 2012

Note to Self

The other day my better half showed me a note he wrote to himself.  Initially I was kind of like “You wrote a letter to yourself? Weirdo.” And then I read it. And I got it. It was actually pretty tough to read as he was addressing all the things he felt he wasn’t doing well in life as well as pointing out his weaknesses. Which I admit I am a pro at doing myself, but hearing HIM say it about himself felt terrible.  Originally it seemed really negative, but then I saw the constructive side of it.  I am simultaneously really, really hard on myself but also really, really lazy about other things.  That combination can leave me feeling unfulfilled and constantly anxious.  So I decided I need to write a letter too- to hold myself accountable for those things I know I’m not doing well so I can begin to change them. Hey, the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

Dear Self,

1) WRITE YOUR DAMN BOOK ALREADY.  You get so much joy out of writing and know that people enjoy reading what you have to say. Set aside time every week to work on it, however slowly.

2) Work harder on the blog. Spell check. Proof read. Take 20 extra minutes in Photoshop to make something look really good. Reach out to others to work on collaborations.  You have a good sized audience, respect them more and grow it larger.

3) Work out better. You go to the gym plenty, but a lot of times you half ass it. Go to new classes alone. No one is going to point and laugh at you.

4) Speaking of that, get back into yoga. You felt your best when you were hitting the mat three times a week, and having to find a new teacher is no excuse. There are plenty of good teachers. GO BACK.

5) Eat better. Plan menus ahead and buy good food, not food that is fast and easy to make.  You will feel SO much better.  Take the extra time to make sure that what is going into your body is fresh, healthy and yummy.

6) Drink less. And stop using the excuse that gorgeous French women drink all the time. Take three nights off a week from wine. Find another hobby- like yoga, or tea and WRITING YOUR DAMN BOOK (see #1).

7) Be a better wife. You kind of suck at being a wife. You are selfish and whiny and don’t give as much as you get. Listen closer, get off your computer and spend real time with each other and be supportive! He has been there for you through so much and you need to reciprocate.

8) Focus more on expanding your business. Resting on your laurels after years of wonderful luck (and yes, hard work) is not enough. Take it to the next level. Utilize the smart people in your life to help you come up with ideas and put them into action.

9) Embrace change and know it will bring you to places that will make you a better person.  You may not feel ready, but just go with it. You never know where it might take you- and it may not be a “bad” place, you Negative Nelly.

10) Care less about how you look. Stop focusing on it so much and letting it rule your emotions.  You look worse when you worry and much better when you smile.  Be comfortable with who you are, flaws and all.

11) Make more time for friends. You’ve lost touch with SO many people you care about and who make you smile. Reach out to them, carve out time and stick to plans.

12) Paint something. You used to do it all the time and majored in it in college for God’s sake. You have the supplies, now make the time. And not just to have things to sell, just for you.

13) Comparison truly is the thief of joy. STOP IT.


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