You Want To Go To Here: Mondrian Soho

I had the pleasure of spending a night this weekend at the Mondrian Soho and I HAD to share how much I looooooooved it.   When I got to LA I usually stay at the Mondrian there (I have a thing for hardwood floors in hotel rooms) so I don’t know why I was so surprised by how much I loved this property.  Maybe because usually hotel rooms in Manhattan under $400 a night are nothing to write home about. But not only was my room under $300 (?!) it was adorable and gorgeous!

This is what I saw when I pulled up… and about DIED. The archway with ivy and string lights is nothing short of magical.

The lobby isn’t my favorite part- but since you only spent time walking through it who cares?  The blue color is uplifting and fun, but it needs more furniture, different area rugs (think Beni Ouarain) and I’d scrap that ceiling detail. IF you were wondering. :)

But then you look to your left and are smacked in the face with the awesomeness that is Imperial No. 9, the restaurant on the property…. it’s like the world’s most glamorous greenhouse complete with tons of chandeliers, a huge row of glass apothecary jars down the center and dramatic drapes.

The rooms are DAARLING- bright white and super glamorous with bold blue ceilings and a blue toile print accent.  The doors and bed have intricate moulding detail and you are greeted with an in-room iPad to use, an iPhoen strero dock and a HUGE marble shower full of Malin + Goetz goodies.

Next to the bed was this little notebook with toile pencil for jotting down evil deeds… :)

(I did not have a shower with a window, FYI, but it was still RAD)

I did order mself some room service breakfast on Sunday- the service in the hotel is friendly and fast- really enjoyable. The pancakes were a bit of a bust (SOAKED in syrup, and for someone like me who rivals Buddy the Elf in her love for syrup you know it was overdone), but it was still nice.

How about a party in the penthouse? Yes please.

It’s doubtful I’ll ever stay anywhere else in Manhattan ever again. I’m serious.

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(Photos via Mondrian, Gothamist, me, Google)


  1. Pretty amazing for under $300 bucks! I agree with your comments on the lobby.. I think it needs more area rugs..or larger ones….and more seating… that ceiling detail..yep..has to go!

    the room..looks to be the perfect spot to retire after a great day in NYC!

    Happy Monday!

  2. I too LOVE the Mondrian, but I’m writing because I just wanted to thank you for posting something every day. Your regular readers get a glimpse of how busy you must be, and the fact that you still come back to us every morning shows your dedication, and also makes us feel that, even when you get to almost 10K on Twitter, you still haven’t forgotten that this is the place where it started for you. So just wanted to say congrats on the follower goal (which will be reached very shortly, I am sure) and thanks for your always great posts! Starting my morning by looking at beautiful images or reading about your latest angst (or Andrew’s wisdom!) is something I look forward to every day!

  3. Oh my gosh. That white. The room. I need to move in. Serious swoon. Also, I’d be okay with no window in the shower, not sure I’m so into that idea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve actually had really good luck finding accomodations in Manhattan under $400 (Standard is always around $300 when I stay there)–this looks great. Will have to check it out.

  5. On my list! Morgan’s Hotels are so whimsical and fun. Our wedding was at their sister hotel Clift (Another AMAZING space.) in San Francisco and we stayed at the Mondrian LA on our honeymoon. The M&G toiletries are also THE BEST!

  6. How did you get your room under $400? Website says $555 is best rate. Maybe it’s because I’m going in October?

  7. Kim, yes, fall in NYC is more expensive than spring for sure. I also think I got randomly lucky on on this particular weekend!

  8. Girl!!! You just confirmed where I’ll be staying Memorial Day weekend in LA!! Head over heels in lurve. Period.

  9. I am dying over the bathroom…. and the note pad is such a nice touch. The difference is always in the details. :)

  10. oh my god that is one gorgeous hotel! but i kinda feel like there’s a bit of inconsistency with the design..the lobby doesnt match the rooftop or restaurant and the blue in the room kinda irks me..i say get rid of the whole blue color scheme and continue with the gorgeous garden party theme :-)

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