Take Me to the Ocean

Yesterday I had this enormous craving to be by the ocean. It was a cloudy, kind of rainy day, but sometimes those are my favorite by the water.  To me there is nothing more healing for the soul than looking out at the ocean and breathing in the salt air.  My dad is working on a beach house for our family on the Connecticut shore that will be our first project as father/daughter and I think I need to get on him to break ground ASAP!

Some seaside favorites of mine as of late (can you even BELIEVE the zebra beach towel???? I NEED!)

Beach Chic


  1. Are you frickin kidding!! It doesn’t get any better than than in my “nautical book!!” The swings!!!! franki

  2. I get that feeling a lot too! Luckily we live in Florida and it’s not much of a drive to the gulf. I would prefer bigger waves like the east or west coast though! I’ve been in the mood to go sailboating soon. :) Like what you put together and can’t wait to see the house!

  3. take me with you! haha. Beautiful photos..thankfully the weather is finally cooperating so we can go to the beach!

  4. I can’t believe you are going to have access to a family beach house. That is the ultimate in my book. Die. So jealous. Cheers to such an awesome development, Erin. :)

  5. Also, super random–I think your blog needs a little icon associated with it next to the name of it on my Favorites bar. My other blog faves have one and they are less popular than yours I think….and if you have one and it’s just my ass computer that isn’t showing it, obviously disregard all of this. :)

  6. Oooooh yes please! Where do I sign up?? I can practically smell the sea air and feel the sand between my toes just looking at these pictures (she says staring out the window at another rainy, cold, grey London skyline)!

  7. Gorgeous images…I especially love the couple tanning by the ocean– I can feel the sun on their faces right now. :)

  8. Aww, love this!! It really makes me wish I still had my beach house back east. It would of been great to use these wonderful ideas as inspiration for the place :) Awesome blog!

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